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Image 143, fourth book, folio 73a, receipts 103 (contd) to 112

The fourthe booke .fo.73.
Liber 4.
Take a pinte of fayre water, a pennyworth of annys seedes*, id of licoras,
id waighte of suger candye, & bruise the annis seedes & licoras together,and
seeth it from a pinte to half a pinte, take allso a parsely roote, & a fennell
roote, a branch of rosemarye, a borage leafe, & seeth all those from a pinte
to half a pinte, then strayne it & drinke of it eveninge and morninge.
104. For the same disease
Take halfe a pinte of milke & seeth it, & when it seeths up, put in a spoonefull
of vineger, then stirre the milke & the vineger together, & then take of the curd
as cleane as you can, & then drinke it with a little suger.
105. A gargle to kill the heate in ye mouth approved.
Firste take a quarte of newe milke, & planten leaves, synkefoyle*, willow leaves,
one handfull of them all, twoe galls*, & as much in quantity of pomegranet
pylles* as the galls come to with all, take a little branne & tye in a linen cloth,
& as much sanders as the branne comes to, all these to be boyled together tyll
the third parte be consumed: & then gargle the mouth once or twice in an
howre, but you muste have it somewhat warme.
106. For tooth ache
Take the roote & leaves of chickeweede and boyle them in water, with wch
you shall washe your mouth, and holde it in your mouth for a pretye space, &
it will take away the payne.
107. Dregge*.
Lycoris, annis seedes, suger candye, the powder of betanye, & penyroyall*
108. For the collicke* and stone.
Take greene wallnuts of the tree when they waxe towardes ripenes or
afore, & bruise them in a mortar, then still* them, & give the patient of this
water to drinke: if they be steeped in vineger before it be stilled, it is a
pretious remedye for the plague.
109. To staunch bleeding at the nose.
Take greate ciche peason*, & laye them on a tyle until they be drye, and
then make powder of them very fine, & put it in the patients nose.
110. To make a cleare voyce.
Take the flowers of an elder tree and drye them in the sunne, but let them
take no moysture nor wette, & then make powder of them, and drinke it
with white wine everye morninge fasteinge.
111. For the winde collicke in ye bellye.
Take a pinte of malmesy, or sacke*, and seeth a handfull of time with it on
the fire, & let the patient drinke of it: allso take aqua composita & drinke
of it, & it will cause you to break winde.
112. For an ache
Take oleum lumbricorum*, the oyle of eses, the eses are wormes that lye
above the earthe in the morninge or eveninge.
For ye payne

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Transcribed by JM and CW