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Image 142, fourth book, folio 72b. Receipts 97 (contd) to 103

The fourthe booke
Take cowslips of the fielde, & pull the flower out of the huske, & still* them
alone: & the water thereof is very good for those that be madde, or for them
that be in a sownde*, & allso for them that have the palsye, & the powder
of the same flower is very good to be eaten with theire meate, but the
flower must be allso pulled out of the huske, & dryed in some place where
it may be through dryed, this done, eate as ofte thereof as you thinke
conveniente, & it will helpe.
98. A medicine to bringe the bloude to his
right course after it is gone amysse.
Take scurvygrasse, & brookelime stamped into ale, & drinke it bloudewarme
firste & laste, morning & eveninge, & they must allso drinke whey
colde. Approved.
99. A medicine approved for the strangurian*, or
burninge of the yarde & to make ye slyme**
come easilye.
First take fowre cold seedes, sweete williams, gowrdes, pomecitrons*, &
cowecumbers, a quarter of eache one, & beate them in a mortar, & put them
in a pinte or a quarte of barlye water, this done, strayne it, & drinke it
lukewarme in the morninge fasteinge, at noone before dinner, & at nighte
to bedwarde, this will ease the burninge, & make the patient to make
water better, & after that speake with a phisitian, he will give you 5
or 6 syroppes made of these colde seedes a little warme, these you must
take every morninge one, & this will loose all the filth in your kidneyes,
& after this he will give you a purgation made of cacyofystelo*, and
you shall finde much ease.
100. For the greene sickenes*.
Boyle hyssop, organent, penyroyall, lime, succorye, germander, nep*, mar=
ioram, of each a quantity with a litle honye clarifyed, & boyle all these in
a quarte of ale untill a pinte be consumed, & then let it be strayned, and
then let him drinke it morninge & eveninge: this is approved.
101. For a stitche.
Take olibanum* the quantity of a hazell nut, braye it small, & take an
apple, & take out the core as you would of a quince, & put in this oly-
banum into the apple, & let it roste softely till it be very softe, then
let the party eate of it, but you must put into it a little suger, and
you must sweate after it & abstayne from meate & drinke for
three howres at the leaste.
102. For the ague
take an handfull of smallage, the like of gro*y salte, & the quantity
of a great wallnut of good olibanum, & stampe these together, and
laye it in linnen cloutes to the bontes* & wrests** of your armes
103. A medicine for ye heate in ones stomacke.
Take a pinte

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