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Image 141, fourth book, folio 72a, Receipts 92 to 97

The fourthe booke. .fo.72.
Liber 4.
it out into an earthen panne: then put thereto a quarter of a pounde of
white suger candye, & so much of red suger candye, then boyle it a litle
untill the suger be melted, then take it from the fire, & put it into a gally*
pot or glase, & it will be like a gellye*: then eate of it everye morninge a
prety quantity, & by God’s grace thou shalt bee well.
92. A proved medicine for the timpanye*, or to
remedye the griefe in man or woman.
Take hawes, heps, & ashen keyes*, of eache like muche, & make them into
powder, & morninge & eveninge & eveninge drinke a spoonfull of yt powder
in white wine warme, & by God’s grace you shall have helpe.
93. A medicine for the blacke iaundice*.
Take an handfull of sage, an handfull of rosemarye, & bruise out ye iuice
of it with a little stale ale, take a sawcer full of wine vineger, & put there-
to as much treacle of geane* as a nut, & chase it in the vineger till it bee
consumed, & put thereto as much powder walltaris* as a nut, & chase
all these together till it be bloudewarme, & so drinke it, & it will helpe the
94. The oyntement of roses.
Take of pigges greace freshe a portion what you liste, let it bee washed
in hot water, & after in colde water, then stampe* a like quantitye & waighte
of roses, let it lye seaven dayes, then seeth it a litle at a softe fire, then
stampe agayne so many freshe roses, doeinge all as did before, & put
to it the halfe waighte of the iuice of roses, after it hath reste seaven
dayes, let it seeth agayne untill the iuice be spente.
95. An oyntemente for an ache or a bruise with
a plaister very suffrant & approved.
First take albyan* as much as a wallnut, & the like quantitye of masticke*,
& pounde them together very small, & take the like quantitye of camphire
& pounde it by it selfe, & then put them all together, & put thereto a
quarter of a pounde of boares greace, & beate them all together, & put the
in a boxe, & when you have neede, anoynte the patiente by the fire.
96. This for the plaister.
Take twoe or three lilly rootes, lap* them in a browne paper, & roste them very
tender, & put thereto as much as a wallnut of galbanum*, & pownde them
white suger candye, & so much of red suger candye, then boyle it a litle
& take 6 lb of figges, & 20 oysters, & pownde them together well, & the put
them all together, & pownde them till they be full myxte, this done, take the
salve & with yout thumbe spreade it upon a lynnen cloth as much as the
payne or swellinge is, but if there be any skinne broken, laye smoother
salve that will heale fleshe.
97. A water very good for the fallinge sickenes, & ye
powder thereof very good for the palsye, or
for them yt sounde:and approved.
Take cowslips

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