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Image 140, fourth book, folio 71b, receipts 86 (contd) to 91

The fourthe booke
Take a pinte of white wine, & a quarte of milke, & make a posset, & take
of the curde, & put in as much treacle of geane* as three filbeardes**, & twoe
spoonefull of damaske rose water, & three cheves of English saffron in a
powder, & a braunch of rosemarye, drinke this all day beginning three
howres after your purgation.
87. To make basilicon.
Take pigges greace i lb, waxe i lb, di ʒ of turpentine, di ʒ of stonepitche,
di ʒ of sheepes tallowe, frankencense di ʒ, then boyle them softe: this
basilicon will heale apase*, & bringe fleshe over above if it be bare.
88. A very soveraigne salve for any ache which
lyeth in the bone, or in the ioyntes.
Take some dunge as soon as it cometh from her, & take runninge water
up agaynst the streame, & boyle them together tyll they be thicke, then put
thereto a dishe of sweete butter & boyle them well together, & laye this
upon the griefe, so hot as you can suffer it, & in one weeke it will be well
with God’s grace.
89. A very good potion for a purgation.
Take an ownce of [scene?] Alexandre* of the best, an ownce of annys seede, a
spoonefull or lesse of coriander seede, an ownce of licoras* cleane scraped,
polypodium*, rootes of the oake a reasonable quantitye, the licoras & polypodium
must be bruised, when these simples be put together, they will be in quantitye
as much as both a mans fistes, all these simples must lye in steepe twenty
& fowre howres in running water, wherein you are to Seeth* them beinge to the
quantitye of three quartes untill one quarte be wasted, then strayne it
through a fayre linnen cloth, & lukewarme drinke thereof fasteinge
half a wine pinte about 10 of the clocke, half a wine pinte aboute three
of the clocke, half a wine pinte after supper, being as muche, two hours.
90. An excellent unguentum* or plaister for
either old sore, or newe, &c.
take a quantitye of planten, violet leaves, comferye, sage, brokelime*, smallage,
hearbegrace, sinkefoyle,* of each like much, & chop them as small as possible
you can, then take a quarter of a pynte of sallet oyle, an handfull eyther of
barlye meale or of oatmeale, twoe ownces of boares greace, halfe as much
barrowes greace, a quarter of a pynte of sallet oyle, an handfull eyther of
barlye meale or oatemeale, & a pinte of stronge ale or beere, & seeth all
these together tyll it be so thicke that you may streeke* a plaister thereof, &
lay to the sore: & by God’s grace it shall be whole.
91. An excellent medicine & approved for
the liver that is wasted.
Take two quartes of stronge ale worte* made of barly malte, & halfe a pound
of good figges, slyce them, halfe a pounde of reasons of the sunne the stones
picked out, an ownce of annys seede*, halfe an ownce of lycoris*, both well
bruised, an handfull of hartes tongue* the leaves taken out, three handfulls
of liverworte*, a good handfull of lungeworte*, & boyle all these together
in an earthen pot with a softe fire from a pottle* to a quarte: then straine
it out into

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN