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Image 139, fourth book, Folio 71a, receipts 81 (contd) to 86

The fourthe booke fo 71
Liber 4
liver, spleene, raynes, harte, & Side: allso he that useth it shall not bee
troubled with the scyatique gowte*, nor the crampe, and it is verye good
agaynst the plewrisye*, for it taketh awaye the effecte, & it dissolveth
grosse & thicke colerique humors within mans bodye, & it sendeth out
by the bellye & by urine all superfluous matter, it helpeth digestion,
& delivereth such as have taken poyson inwardlye from the perill of
deathe: and what needeth.
Addita 82. A powder to conserve the sighte.
Take betanye*, rewe, saxifrage, lovache**, anise seedes, cynamon,
eyebryghte, of each one handfull, cardamomum, ginger, fennell, petrose-
lyne*, hysop, organye, silex mountaine, of each one dram, galinga, one
ounce, suger, one ounce: Let a powder be made of these, & let it be taken con-
tinually with meate, & the sighte will be restored & kepte. This powder
was ordained by maister Geralde*: whose triall an olde man did prove, which
used spectacles twelve yeares, so that without them he could no see greate
letters: but after he had used this powder onely one forty dayes, he was free,
insomuch that all ye time of his life, he did see, & reade the least letter yt was
83.Docter francis* dyet artificiall for all such as have aches,
& griefes in their ioyntes & bones, though it were the pockes.*
In primis* take of the barke of gewacu j lb reue olexandrina 6 ʒ 0, liqueris j lb,
one apple of colloquintida*, the seedes being taken out, infuse all these together
in three pottles* of white wine, & three pottles of beere the space of one nighte,
then put the sayde drugges in an earthern pot well leaded within, & stoppe it
close that no ayre come in nor out, then boyle the sayde earthen pot in a greate
pot or kettle of water the space of 16 howres, then take it of, & let it coole, and
give the patient a pottle a day to drinke for the space of 16, 18, or 6 dayes,
which you will, or as neede requireth. Then for the dyet for 6 dayes nothing
to be eaten but bysket & a few reasons* of the sonne: but for the 16 or 18 dayes, the
first two dayes two ribbes of rosted mutton, & the last three dayes likewise all
the rest with bisket & reasons of the sonne this certayne.
84. To break the stone in nine dayes.
take an handfull of gromell*, & an handfull of saxifrage, & an handfull of per-
sely* breakestone**, an handfull of wilde time, stampe*** them & strayne them, & drinke
wine, or in [?posset], seaven times approvedlye helpeth & avoydeth ye stone.
85. A pretious water to use for the avoidance
of the stone
Take a gallon of milke of a red cowe, an handfull of persely,* an handfull of
wilde time, an handfull of gromell, & an handfull of saxifrage, & two radish
rootes, myxe all these one nighte, then distill them, & let the patient drinke
every morninge, fowre, five, or sixe spoonsfull helpeth approvedlye.
86. A pretious drinke after a purgation to bringe appetite.
Take a pinte of

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