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Image 136, fourth book, folio 69b, receipts 65 to 71

The fourthe booke
65. A plaister good for any parte of mans
bodye being benumme*.
Take a basin full or twoe of white willowe leaves, & seeth them well
in fayre water untill that they be well sodden, & then take a good quantity
of vineger, & meddle* with the leaves, & make a plaister thereof, & lay
to the sore that is benumme, & that will gather the flesh & the bloude
agayne, & make quicke that which was deade.
66. A general plaister for leggs & for all sores.
Take hearbe Benedicte & stampe it & strayne out a quarte of the iuice
or more, & to that take a pinte of tarre, & a pinte of barrowes greace, and
melte all these together, & when that they are well molten, put thereto of
culver* dunge the quantitye of an egge well powdered, & as much of hens
dunge, & boyle them all on the fire agayne, & let them seethe well
together a long time, & ever stirre them well, & whiles they are
hot strayne them, then put thereto a Sawcer full of allome* powdered,
& stirre them well together untill they be colde, & then put it in boxes
& keepe it to thy use.
67. Agaynst wormes in the bellye.
Take a neste of red mise*, that are founde amongst corne in the fielde, and
the youngest of them hath a stone in his heade as litle as a pearle, & it
is red, take it out and keepe it in a pot, or in a vessell that it goe not away,
for it is as quick as quickesilver, & put that stone in the water of
iuice of wormewoode, & give it the sicke to drinke: & he shall be deli-
vered, & the laste worme will bringe out the stone with him, keepe well
that stone untill thou have neede an other time, this is ye medicine
that a woman of Northamptonsheire used, & did greate cures.
68. For stub, nayle, or thorne.
Take the skinne of a snake in the time of the year that she casteth her
skynne, & lay a piece thereof on the sore place in wch is the stub, nayle,
or thorne, & take the read roote* that groweth in the water, & stampe it,
& lay it above, & upon that lay the skynne of olde bacon, & bind it
faste thereto with a cloute,* & it shall draw it out, & after heale it
up as you liste with good healeinge salve.
69. For snake or adder being within man or woman
Stampe* rewe with mans urine, or with beast that is vexed wth yt
disease, & let him drinke it, & he shall cast them all up wth all the
70. For a tetter*.
Take oake apples* & drye them & make powder of them & meddle**
the powder with stronge vineger, & make it in manner of a plaister,
& laye it upon the sore.
71. Agaynste swelling of leggs or feete.
Take well cresse* & shred them small, & put them into an earthen pot,
& put thereto the dreggs of wine, & wheate branne, & fresh sheeps
tallowe, of

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