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Image 135, fourth book, folio 69a, receipts 59 to 64

The fourthe booke. fo 69
Liber 4.
59. An other.
Take henbane*, & stampe it in a morter, & laye it to the sore, & it shall
both clense the sore, & put awaye the deade fleshe.
60. For the sleepinge of the hands & feete, make this
oyntment, wch is called unguentum geniste*[*].
Take the flowers of broome, & the leaves & flowers of woodbinde an. and
stampe* them with May butter**, & let them stande together a nyghte and a
day, & then set them on a panne over the fire, & skymme it well, and
keepe it in boxes, for it is good for that purpose.
61. A pretious playster agaynst many grievous, &
inordinate paynes, & agaynste the gowte.
Take.* lb.2.of perosin, lb j. of fayre waxe, lb.j. of white rosin, lb qa. of
pitche, lb.½ Of frankencense, lb qa.. of deyre* sewet, put all these in a pan,
& set it over the fire, & let them boyle together, & alwayes stirre them
untill that they be dissolved, & then strayne them through a strong canvas,
& then put thereto qa..j. & ½. Of good Saffron well powdered, & stirre them
all well together, & put thereto ℥. j. of cloves & mace an. well powdered
& stirre them well together, & put thereto a pottle of good claret wine,
& then let them boyle well together, & allwayes stirre them until that ye
wine be well consumed, & untill it be colde, & then anoynte your handes
with some good thinge, & make it up in rowles, & keepe it in leather to
thy use: this plaister will asswage ache in less then an howre, if it be
applied to the place plaisterwise upon leather.
62. An other spiced plaister
Take cere nove* .℥.8. resine perine. ℥4. resine.℥.2. colofonye ℥.2. gario-
philorum, macys, an. ℥.2. adops ceruine ℥.2. thuris, ℥.2. croci ℥.2.
dequocantur in vino rubeo & serva:,*.
63. A very good plaister to ripe a sore,
and to breake him.
Take galbanum* and dissolve it in vineger untill that it be softe, & laye
to the sore, and it will both ripe it, and breake it.
64. An other for ripeinge.
Take angletouches (that is earth wormes) with the knotts yf that you may
get them, or els such as you may get, & stampe* them with a little vineger,
& three or fowre yolkes of egges, & a litle honye, & meddle* them together,
& then warme them a litle, & applye to the sore as ofte as neede: & if thou
finde the sore stinkeinge, take m. j. of red coole* leaves, & boyle them in wa-
ter untill they be tender, so that you may drawe them through a cloth, but
neverthelesse you must broy* them after as small as may be, & with some
of the licor drawe them through a clothe, & wash the sore with some of yt
warmed, & then dry the wounde or sore with a linnen clothe, and doe so
often untill the stinke be gone, and laye to suche playster as is
conveniente for the sore.
A plaister

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN