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Image 134, fourth book, folio 68b, receipts 54 to 58

The fourth booke
stone &drachm.j. enula campana &ounce.j. & ʒ.2. first take thine armoniake, galbanu,*
& appoponake*, & bruise them small, & lay them in strong vinager twoe
dayes & twoe nightes, & then seeth them in the sayd vinager untill that
the vinager be wasted, & then strayne them through a cloth, & then
melte thy waxe with thy oyle, & departe* it into equall partes, & med-
dle thy gummes that are strayned, with the one parte upon the fire, and
meddle the litarge* with the other parte of thy oyle & waxe, & boyle them
together untyll that thou see a smoke arise in the middle of the panne, and
then set it downe from the fire, & a litle & litle thereof into the other part
of thy gummes & oyle, & stirre them well together, & when that they are
well mingled together, then set them over the fire, & let them boyle well,
& allwayes looke it be stirred, & when that they have boyled a while, then
put in thy verdegres*, & after that a litle put in your mirrhe in powder,
& after that a litle put in thy sange dragon, well powdered, & after yt
a litle put in your powder of aristrologia*, & after that your elena cam-
pana, & after that the powder of your Shipmans Stone*, & at ye last your
frankencense well powdered, bdelium, & mummia nigra, & evermore be
well stirring of them, & assay* with a drop in cold water, yf it be tryable*[*],
& if it be, it is well, boyle it no more : if not, boyle it untill you find it so.
55. To make diaculum.*
Take lb.j. of litarge of leade, & lb.j. of Swines grease, lb.j. of Sheepes tallow,*
qa.2.of vitriall, qa.2. of Sall armoniac.qa .j. of Swines bloud, but mans
bloud were better, j. pynte of oyle of roses, & powder thy litarge, & thy
vitriall together, & searse* them, & put all these into a brasse panne, &
boyle them, & stirre them well together & ever amonge cast in vineger,
untill thou hast cast in as much as thou wilt, & looke that thy Swines
bloud, or mans bloud be so drye, that thou mayst make it into powder,
this will serve to heale & drawe all sores, and to make them cleane
though that it were a moremall*.
56. To make an implaister called apostolicon*.
Take lb.di of fine vineger, & put thereto of Ship pitch.℥.di. Galbanum*
℥.di. Serapinum: ℥.di armoniac.℥.di. appoponac. ℥.di. & put thereto. ℥.3.
of cleane waxe, & if that it be made in Summer, but if you make it in
winter, put thereto but ℥.2. of cleane waxe, & then set all these thinges
upon the fire, & when that they are cleane molten, let fall a drop there-
of into cleane water, & assay with thy finger if it will cleane & be toughe,
& chaunge colour from Sownde white* into gawde white*, & then set it downe
from the fire, & put to it ℥.di. of perosin, & meddle then well together
in colde water, & set it besides the fire, & then anoynte thy handes with
oyle de bay, & labour it well betweene thy handes untill that ye water
be out, & make it in rowles, & keep it to thy use.
57. For dead fleshe.
Take the greene wallnuts, salte, & blacke sope . an. & beate them together,
and laye it to the sore.
58. An other.
take the kernells of wallnuts, Salte, & sope, & beate them all together,
and laye it to the sore.
An other.

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN