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Image 133, fourth book, folio 68a, receipts 52 (contd) to 54.

The fourthe booke. fo 68
Liber 4
of the bodye: & also the rewme & all such other humors in mans bodye,
& in the heade, & the flewme* in the mouth and in the stomacke: and it
purgeth the stomacke of corrupte humors, & maketh a man to have a
good stomacke, or appetite to his meate: & it suffereth no manner of
of emposthume* to come nighe the hearte, & if the back be anoynted
therewith before the comeing of the axys, it healeth the tertian*, & quar-
tan: allso it healeth the stinkeing breath, & fastneth the teeth that are
loose, & it maketh them white, & keepeth them from rotteinge, & expelleth
the ache allso: it healeth the festure & the canker, & the woundes in whc
they are, if that they be anoynted therewith: It is good for ye scabbe, ring-
worme, tetter, morphewe, & such other unkinde sicknesses: allso it healeth
the leprye, wet a cloth therein & lay it to the emeroydes, & it will heale
them: allso it is good for the diseases of the eares: & allso it is good a-
gaynst the sawce fleame,* & for the palsy in a mans tongue, & in other
lymmes, & for the falling sicknes, & if a man hath lost his feeleinge
on his lymmes, it shall get it agayne: allso it is good for synewes that
are spronge*, or ache, & for sorenes in the mouth: allso it healeth noli me
tangere*, ye kings evill, moremale, & other sicknesses that frets ye fleshe.
53. To make the righte coleman.
Take litarge of golde* that is small powdered.lb.j. oyle olliffe that is good
& olde. lb.3. & di & qa.j. & meddle them together in an earthen panne, and
seeth them on an easie fire, & let them seeth together 4 howres, & allwais
be stirringe, & then put therein a good spoonefull of stronge vinager, &
then set it on the fire agayne, & let it seeth untill a droppe thereof
being caste into colde water be malaxable*, & then let it downe from ye
fire, & put therein these gummes followeinge, that is to saye, galbanu
Serapinum, appopanacum, gumme armoniacke .an. ℥.di. but firste looke
that it be dissolved in white wine, & sodde until that the wine be wasted,
& then take the powder of masticke, & stone pitch .an. ℥.j. & di aloes e-
patik, mirrhe, olibanum powdered, an. ℥.2.bdelium, euforbium, castor,
an. ℥.3. rosin, ℥.2. waxe, ℥.2.melte thy waxe, & rosin together, & put
all thy powders to them, & when that they are well molten, then put
them into the plaister, & meddle them well together upon the fire, but
looke that they boyle not, & when the heate is abated, put thereto ℥.j. of
turpentine, & when that is colde, anoynte thy handes with the oyle of
roses & frame the maydalions, this plaister is good both for ache and
swellinge, & if a sickenes be uncureable, it will not cleave long unto
it, but if it be cureable it will not gladlye away: it is good for all
diseases comeing of cold, & for bruisers, for synewes, & for ache of ioyntes.
54.Emplastrum divinum is thus made.
Take litarge of golde small powdered lb.j. & di oyle olliffe,lb. & di. gal-
banum .℥.j. & ʒ.2 armoniac. ℥.3 & ʒ.3. mummia nig. ℥.j. & ʒ.2. newe
waxe, ℥.8.frankencense ℥.j. & ʒ.di. verdegres,℥.j. & ʒ. j. bdelium .℥.2 &
ʒ. di. appoponac.&ounce.j. aristrologia longa ℥.j. sangedracon.&ounce.j. shipmans
stone ʒ.j.

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