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Image 129, fourth book, folio 66a, receipts 42 (contd) to 46

The fourthe booke. fo 66
Liber 4
the stomacke, & make them descende which woulde ascende up to the
heade, & make it to ake.
43. Againste the sciatica passio*, & all manner
of aches: & for the megryme*.
Take Sixe oxen galles*, & seeth** them until they be halfe consumed, and
put thereto a quarterne* of a pounde of blacke sope**, but take it from ye fire,
for the Sope will make it to runne over the vessell, & put thereto halfe
a pinte of aqua vitae, & meddle* them well together, & keepe it in vessell
of glasse to serve your use, & when you will occupye thereof, take beans
flower or wheate flower in a vessell by it self, & temper it with ye sayd
medicine, & make a plaister after the length & bredth of the sore, & lay
thereto, & it will soone heale it without doubte, & it is experte & true.
44. A plaister that will heale twoe contrarios,
that is to saye, both hot & colde.
Take a quantity of oyle & set it over the fire, & when it begins to seeth put
thereto di j lb of redleade, & stirre it well, & then put thereto di lbjj of white
leade, & then stirre it well, & put thereto a quaterne of litarge*, and then
let them boyle well together, & evermore stirre it for burninge to ye bottome
of the vessell, & when it is well turned to white, & thou seest it to waxe
stiffe or thicke, take the sclyse* or spatter* & drop thereof in colde water,
and if that it be harde as waxe, then it is good.
45. An implaister called gratia dei.*
Take lb .j. of virgin waxe, frankencense, masticke, colofonye* j. q perosin
an j. lb. rosin lb .j. sheepes tallowe . lb di. of honye, & thereto take ℥ .j. of rewe,
.j. of hysop*, calaminte, smaleache, orpin, Suthernwoode, ground ivye leaves
an ℥.[S] lb di jj of tanseye*[*], lb .j. of gratia dei**, & boyle all these hearbes in white
wine, from a gallon to a pottle, & then strayne it,& unto that wine put all
thy gummes aforesayde, & boyle them a litle, & then let them coole, & when
they are colde, make it in rowles, & keepe it to thy use.
46. An other gratia dei or cerott* which is good for all
woundes both old & newe, & other sores: excepte
ye canker, moremall, impetigo, serpigo, antrax,
noli me tangere: & such of theire kinde.*
Take betanye, verbaine, pympernell, an.m. ½ gratia dei the more, m. ½.gra-
tia dei the mideliste, & gratia dei the lesse an.m. j.** pigle, bugle, Samicle
an.m. j. grounswell*, watercresse .an. m. j. herbe Roberte the red, m.
cowsoope.*. agnus castus* .m. *½. planten.*. leaves of loryall*. lb rib-
worte .m ½.leaves of the red coole* m. 2: Stampe** all these well together,
& lay them in white wine sufficiently, & if you cannot have white
wine enoughe, take thereto childes urine & for the utter lackeinge of
wine, take alltogether brine, & let them lye so therein a daye or twoe at
the moste, & then set them on the fire, & boyle them untill that the licor
be wasted, allwayes styrringe* it with a sclyse**, & then take it downe, &
presse out the licor in the best manner thou canst, untill yu have gotten
out as much

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN