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Image 128, fourth book, folio 65b, receipts 40 to 42

The fourthe Booke.
40. A plaister for an imposthume*,
or suddayne swellinge.
Take the iuice* of walworte**, & wheate meale, & boyle them together untill
that they be thicke as honye, & lay it on all hot.
41. The newe plaister of greene whc is called Solempne* drawne
out of ye olde plaister of greene, more healinge than ye other.
Take hive honye in the combe, & these three hearbes, apiu, planten, and
betonye* (apium is Smallage** that groweth in gardens, some men say that it
cometh of parselye but it is not so) take of the iuice of each of these herbs
an..lb .j. & put them together in a panne, & then take a quarterne of lb of
cleane new waxe that cometh newe from the honye, & then take halfe a
quarterne of frankencens white & cleane, halfe a quarterne of pitche and
rosin that is cleane, & looke that all these thinges be boyled with the iuices
aforesayde, untill that the iuice be wasted, & allwayes stirre it with a sclyse*,
& then take it from the fire, & stirre it well & clense it through a cloth: that
done, take ℥.of turpentine & temper it together, & when that it is colde,
make it up in rowles, & keep it to thine use: This plaister is unknowne
in many places & landes, which was had of a Jewe in Florence, & it is
a Solempne healer, for it healeth without tente* put into the wounde, bee
the wounde never so deepe, & one plaister will heale a hundred woundes
if that it be well kepte, & chafed betweene handes, & this muste be spred
upon canvas, & when you will occupy thereof, you must cut a hole in ye
middle of the plaister almost as longe as the wounde, & before you lay
on the plaister morninge and eveninge, you must washe the wounde with
lukewarme white wine, or red at every dresseinge, & at everye dresseing
make the plaister hot betwixte thine handes, & make it cleane, & put it on
the wounde, then take a litle hempe & make it in manner of a tente, and
wet it in the wine aforesayde, & put it in lengthe alonge upon the hole of
the plaister layde on the wounde, & all the filth of the wounde from the
bottome shall arise up by the hole of the playster at the tente without, &
if that the wounde by meanes of surfettinge doe ake, take a little oyle
olliffe* luke warme, & put it into the wounde.
42. To make oximell* in manner of a Syrroppe
to drinke firste and laste.
Take a pinte of clarified honye, & a pinte of good red vineger, & put to them
the powder of pellitorye of Spayne*, gencian,* turmentyll,* root of worme-
woode, dittanye, rewe*, byttane*, mintes, & avans* an. .℥ & when ye powders
have well boyled, cast thereto .℥.2 of lycoris well pownded, & then straine
them through a clothe, & put away the fecys*, & then put to ye clearest .½ ℥
of suger, ½ ℥.of gallingall*, & keepe it in a glasse. [T?] Take and drinke
heereof three or fowre spoonefulls at a time, in the morninge colde, and at
nighte warme as milke, & use this medicine dayly untill a quarte bee
dronken, & it will clense the pipes of corruption, & the stomacke, and it
prevayleth agaynste the winde engendred in the stomacke & gutts, and
causeth good digestion, & it will drawe downe all evell humors out of
the Stomacke,

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN