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Image 123, fourth book, folio 63a, receipts 25 (contd) to 32.

The fourthe booke. fo 63
Liber 4.
awaye, & looke that the glasse be well stopped, use this oyle milke warme
to colde infirmities, & to hot infirmities use it colde.
26. To make a powder consolidative*.
Take aloes Succotrinum,* & frankencens, Sanguis draconis. an.℥.2.aristo=
togia*, burnte lytarge, & ceruse, & the barke of pinetree, & centauria minor,
of each .℥.3. and make it into powder, which powder is marveilous good,
& a greate consolidative.
27. To make an unguente consolidative
Take aloes epatyke*, frankencens, sercacoll, & sheeps tallawe, and waxe,
and make them together into an unguente somewhat thicke.
28. Unguentum pro pectore after the lord Cobhams
fashion: which he learned of a Jewe.
Take .m. 4 of hisop*, stampe them & wringe out the iuice, & take as much
barrowes greace & put them together & seeth them, & then strayne it
through a linnen cloth & put it into a boxe, & make a shelde of leather
& sowe thereunto blacke wooll, and anonynte well the woll with this ung-
uente agaynste the fyre, & lay it to the breaste all hot, & anonynte ye backe
of the patiente with the sayde oyle, & put such an other shelde of leather
with wooll upon the patients backe, & as is the other of his breaste, for hee
shall be the sooner whole.
29.Unguentum Pantonia* to heale vaynes*, &
Synewes that be crooked.
Take.lb .j. of oyle of roses, lb .j. of dewtey,lb .j. of oyle de roy,.lb j. of oyle
of camomell, a gallon of butter, a gallon of grease, lb .j. of turpentine, and
lb.2 of the powder of comyn, & boyle them all together an howre & then
strayne it cleane, & let it coole, & put it in boxes.
30.To make an oyle that will quicken deade
humors, & limmes yt are benumbe, it will renue
them to life and feelinge.
Take the rootes of pyonye, & distill them with aquavite, but first mynse
them small, & put them into aquavitae*, and then distill the aquavitae there=
from, & then in this aquavitae dissolve castor, & distill it until it bee
like an oyle, & with this oyle anonynte the lymmes that are corrupted,
deade, or benumbe, & with God’s helpe it shall prevayle.
31.To make a white unguente for all
hot sores in man’s bodye.
Take of ceruse* lb.j of litarge of leade* di .j lb olibanum* .℥.4 of masticke. ℥.2.
of common oyle. lb 4.vineger di lb. & meddle* them strongly together in an
hot morter, with a hot pestill, or in a hot basin the space of a daye or
more, & then strayne it, & keepe it to thy use.
32. Oyle of lawrell.
Take bayes both leaves & berryes greene, & seeth* them well in oyle oliffe**
& strayne it & keepe it, for it is good for diseases in the flanke &
when a man

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Transcribed by CW and JMCN