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Image 112, third book, folio 57b, receipts 87 (contd.) to 93.

The thirde booke,
all these together, & looke they be well strayned through a cullender, & kepte
in a close boxe, and this is good damaske powder.
88. To make fine washinge balls.
You must take these powders abovewritten finely serced* through a fine sive,
& then scrape your sope very fine, & when it is so done, put it into a morter,
& put thereto a litle damaske or rose water, & beate it withall, & when you se
no knobs in the sope, put in your powder fine serced, & minge* all together a
good while, then make washings balls of it, as fine as you will: & these bee
the best sorte of washinge balls.
89. To make an oyle to perfume gloves yt will never out.
Take beniamin 2[Z:], storax calaminte* j [Z:], cloves halfe an ownce, then you
must looke looke that the powder of beniamin & storax be very fine, take oyle
of sweete allmonds, & minge* them, the beniamin, & storax upon a paynters
stone, & put a litle of your oyle to it, then put it into an earthen pot with more
oyle to it, then put in your gloves powdred, & so let it stand verye close,
& when you perfume a payre of gloves, take a litle fayre water with a
spoone, & wet your gloves withall thin, then take an other spunge* & dip it
in your oyle & rube it on your gloves, & then let them drye, & then perfume
them agayne, & so let them drye, & this is excellent perfume of oyle: & if
you shoulde put muske or amber gres* in it, it woulde never smell, for ye oyle
woulde take away ye savour of ye muske cleane, this is pfuming of these glovs.
90 To make damaske powder sweete.
Take two or three handfull of rose leaves dryed, twoe carrels* of muske, halfe
an ownce of cloves, beate all these in fine powder together.
91. For washinge balls.
Take sope j lb& a halfe .c. then take of yrios* an ownce, camphire* 2[Z:], storax*,
liquid liquide 2 [Z:], oyle of spike* j [Z:], beate them all well in a morter, when it is
beaten very fine, then make it up in balls, take amber gres a quarter, and
myske*[*] a quarter.
92. To perfume gloves.
Take your gloves & washe them well firste in rose water or els in good damaske
water, then stretch them fayre and softlye out, & lay them in a fayre linen
cloth to drye, the cloth being folded 8 folde, & when you be sure the rose or da=
maske water is throughly dryed, then take oyle of allmondes pure & cleane,
& with that grinde muske upon a fine stone, & with your handes anoynte
your gloves, & rub them well, & ever stretch them forth a little & a little,
& before they be throughly dryed, take the powder of sandifor* mixed with
a little amber gres, & straw your powder finely serced upon them, & so let
them drye in a close boxe in a sheete of white paper.
93. A good damaske water.
Take roseleaves three handfull, of cynamon 5 drames, clove fowre drams,
bay leaves an handfull, of roses & gillowflowers* an handfull, of marioram
gentle an handfull, of wilde time an handfull, caste all these into a pottle*
of rosewater,

Note: [Z:] is used for an undeciphered quantity symbol; see glossary for explanation

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB