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Image 111, third book, folio 57a, receipts 81 (contd). to 87

is of cookerye. .fo. 57.
Liber 3.
you muste take 3 gallons of pure good stale ale, & then when all these hearbs
aforenamed be cleane washed, & the water cleane dryed awaye, then put
them all into these 3 gallons of ale, & j lb & an halfe of anniseeds well pownded
to powder, & likewise 3 quarters of j lb of licoris beaten in powder, & put
into the pot with ale allso & so let them still with a very softe fire.
82. For the water imperiall.
Take 3 gallons of good red wine, or as much leeses* of sacke* or of muscadine*
an handfull of rosemarye, of hysop, of organye*, of time, of wilde sage, of centory*
of horehounde*, of scabyas* an handfull, of eache of these handfull, halfe an
handfull, & of maydenheare* halfe an handfull, of hartes tongue* a quarter
of j lb, of annisseedes an ownce, & halfe j ? of cummyn, a quarter of j lb of
licoris, an handfull of figges, di j ? of mace, j ? of graynes*, and a good
handfull of elacampane* roots, let all these bee stilled in a lymbecke*, as you
still aquavitae.
83. To make syrrop of roses.
Take 2 lb of roses in an earthen pot, & nealed* with a narrow mouthe, & put to
them 5 wine pintes of fayre candite* water hotte, & stop the pot very close, &
so leave it the space of 8 days, & then strayne the water from ye roses, and
take other 2 lb of roses, & put in the same agayne, & put the water that was
strayned from the other roses to them hot as is aforesayde, & close the pot
well, & when it hath remayned so other 8 howres, strayne the licor agayne
from the roses into a fayre skillat*, put 4 lb of pure suger to it, & when you
have clarified it with the white of eggs,seeth it upon a softe fire of cleare
coales untill it come to the thickenes of a syrrop, & put it in a cleane double
glasse, well covered that there rise no ayre, the roses must be roses of provians*,
& the greene that growethe nexte the huske must bee cut awaye.
84. To make blamanger*
Take allmondes, a quantitye of rise, & boyle it in thicke milke, & if you have
no ryse take manchet*, three yelkes of eggs, boyle them all together untill it
be thicke, & one of the whites of the eggs, boyle them all together untill it be
thicke, & then strayne it cleane, & put to a quantitye of rose water, and a
litle white salte, a quantity of suger, ginger, & if you will, put to a litle cina=
mon, & then put it in a cleane dishe in three slyces, & caste upon it kisketts*
or carrawayes when you doe serve it.
85. To make sweete powder.
Take yrios* halfe a pownde, gario fielis* halfe a pownde, calamus* j ?, siperus*
halfe an ownce, lignem aloes* j ?, amber orient* halfe a quarter of an ownce,
red refolyns* di j lb, ambergres* a drame, beniamin* an ownce.
86. A perfume to burne.
Take beniamin j ?*, labdanum* j ?, storax*, cabaibo* halfe an ownce, abergres 2?,
civet* twoe ownces, & let all these thinges be tempered with gudgraygas* in=
fused in rose water, & make them like lakes.
87. To make sweete powder.
Take yrios* 3 ?, siperus* di, j ?, calamus* 2 ?, rose leaves halfe an ownce,
lavender flowers 2 ?, mariora* di j ?, cloves an ownce, you must beate
all these

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