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Image 110, third book, folio 56b, receipts 77 to 81.

The thirde booke,
77. To make conserves of quinces.
Take first 6 quartes of fayre water, & put it in a fayre panne, & put to
that 4 lb of suger, & set it on a softe fire, & then take 8 lb of quinces, & pare
them & core them, & 2 lb of them cut in quarters, & put them all in the water,
& let them seeth untill the whole quinces waxe a litle softe, & then take
them out & laye them in a fayre dishe, & cover them very close, & let all the
reste seeth upon the fyre untill it waxe red, then take it of & strayne it
through a fayre strayner into an other panne, & set it upon a softe fire,
then put in your whole quinces, & let them seeth untill they be red, & then
take them up, & let ye syrrop seeth, & put in it a litle cynamon, & when you
thinke it is even as thicke as a cawdle*, take it up: put your syrroppe in
glasses, & your quinces into it, & take heede that your quinces be covered wth
syrroppe, and they will last twoe yeares.
78. To make conserves of cherries.
Take j lb of very fayre red cherries, & put them in an earthen panne, and
put to them 12 spoonefulls of rosewater, & set it upon the fire, & ye fire
muste be of coales not flameinge, but a softe fire, & put to that halfe a
pownde of suger, & let them boyle so symperlye* as they maye, & you muste
take heede, for if they boyle faste, they will breake, & put to that 5 or 6 clovs,
& when you feele that the cherries be softe, take them up, & put them with ye
syrroppe into glasses, & it will continue twoe yeares
79. To make suger roset*.
Take 4 lb of suger, beate it & serce* it through a very fayre sercer**, & put it in
a dishe, then take j lb of damaske roses, clip them & beate them in a fayre morter,
& strayne them to the suger, & put all these in albide* glasses, & set it in the sunne, it
muste stande & everye day, stirre it in the sunne, it muste stande whereas the
sunne may have moste dominion of it, it muste stande the space of a monthe in
the sunne, with dayly stirringe of it, then take it & set it where you will, it
will continue a longetime, & is verye wholesome.
80. To make treacle*.
First gather your hearbes, an handfull of rue, of wormwoode, of sorrell, of
burnet, of marygoldes, & of dragons, of red fennell, of yarrowe, of pervirike,
of borage, of rosemarye, of fotherfewe, of betonye, of scabyas, of matfellon,
of planten, of dandalyon, of tanseye, of suthernewoode, of centory, of sinke=
foyle, of eache an handfull, & let them be gathered about the middeste* of
Maye, & drye all these hearbes upon a fayre cloth in the sunne, and after
drye them in an oven, then beate all them into powder, & let them be serced*,
then take a quarte of clarified honye, & thereto a quarter of a pownde of
bay berries, & stirre it well untill it be blacke, then taste it whether it be
bitter enough or not, & when it is thicke, then put in some of youre dra=
gon water, & then stirre it, & put it into a vessell.
81. To make aqua composita*.
In the harte of May or nye* after or afore gather these hearbes named, an hand=
full of sage, of marioram gentle*, of rosemarye, of browne fennell, of elacam=
pane rootes, of allecoste, of hysop, of horehownde, of time, of penyroyall, &
you muste

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