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Image 109, third book, folio 56a, Receipts 72 (contd) to 76

is of cookerye. .fo.56.
Liber 3.
eggs & the suger together, then put thereunto j lb of very fine flower dryed,
& beate them all together, then take j ? of carraway seede & beate them
in your batter, & take good waighte* of your suger & flower, that your batter
may be the thicker, & rub your pannes aboute with sweete butter, & set them
into the oven so faste as you can fill them, & let not the oven bee too hot, bycause
it muste have good soakeinge.
73. To make greene ginger.
First take a quarte of rosewater, & put thereunto a pownde & a halfe of suger,
& put it in an earthen panne, & let it boyle, then take halfe a pownde of ginger,
& put it in the rosewater, & let it boyle untill it bee very softe, & then put it
up, & put it altogether in a gallye pot*, & cover it close, & it will bee very
good, but take heede that your ginger be pared*.
74. To make manus Christe*.
Take a posnet* & cover the bottome of it with rose water, serce* it & sett it
upon the fire, & skymme it verye cleane, & then put in halfe an ownce of well
beaten pearle*, & halfe an ownce of corall, & put it in the posnet*, & stirre it
all together, then take up a litle of it on a spoone, & powre* it upon a board,
& if it be stiffe, it is enoughe, then take a litle suger, & strawe it upon a fayre
boarde, & take up your posnet, & with a spoone, powre heere & there a spoonefull,
& put upon it as much golde as will cover the cakes, & then when theye bee
colde, put them in boxes.
75. To make fine quodiniacke*, & to preserve quinces all at once.
First pare your quinces & core them, & cut them in quarters, & way out 12 lb
of them, then take 7 quartes of water, & put it in a fayre broade vessell, and
put thereunto sixe whites of egges, & all to beate it together untill it bee on a
fome, then take 6 lb of verye fine suger, & put therein: & set it on a fayre cleare
fire, & skymme* it cleane, then take it up & put it in an other cleane vessell, &
put your quinces therein, & set it on a cleare fire, & let them seeth* fayre &
softlye, & then ever as there riseth any skymme, take it of with a spoone and
cover your quinces close, & when it is sodden* sufficientlye, take out some of ye
licour with a spoone, & laye it upon the side of a dishe, if it stand on a gellye
it is sodden enoughe, then take your panne from the fire fayre & softlye, and
take your quinces out one by one with a spoone, then strayne your licoure
into a fayre bason, when it hath stood awhile take of the skymme yt ariseth
of it, then put it your boxes, & fill your boxes so full, that when they bee
setled a while, you maye skymme of the uppermoste, & you shall have
very good & cleare quodiniacke.
76. To make good marmalade.
First take 12 quartes of very fayre water, & put to that 16 lb of quinces very
well pared & the cores of them cleane taken out, first quarter them ere you
put them in, & put to that 8 lb of suger, & let all these seeth softlye until you
see it more then halfe sodden awaye, then put in the quantitye of 6 spoonfull
of rose water, & a verye litle muske*, & so let it seethe untill you see it waxe
somewhat thicke, & then take a litle of it in a spoone, & coole it in ye window,
& if it waxe a litle harde, take a fayre sticke & stirre continuallye untill
suche time as you see it will sticke fast to a spoone, & then take it with as
much speed as you can from the fire, & fill your boxes, & then with a fea=
ther stricke* it over with rose water, & I warrant you ye marmalade will be
To make

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