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Image 108, third book, folio 55b, receipts 66 (contd) to 72

The thirde booke,
66. To make sweete burning perfumes.
Take of beniamin* 2 ?, of lignum j ?, of fustis di j ?, of storax calaminte j ? ,
of cyvet*[*] 8 id, & with damaske water make your perfumes.
67. To boyle mutton.
Chop mutton with parslye, time, winter saverye, margerom, & lettis chopt fine,
with grated breade, eggs both the whites & the yelkes well beaten together, a
few currence, cloves, & mace, myxe all your stuffe together, & give your lettis
a walme firste before you put your other stuffe in, & cut out all the middle rooe [?]
or core of your lettis, so that the upper part may compas in* your stuffe,
boyle them with halfe powdred beefe brothe, & halfe the other brothe.
68. To make Lombardye tarts.
Take beets & chop them small with grated cheese, & mingle them together, then
take a fewe small reasons, with a dishe of molten butter, stirre them all together,
then take 3 yelkes of eggs, & breake it amongst the other stuffe, wth ginger, cy=
namon, & suger, to season it, then put it into ye coffin, close it, & bake it.
69. To make bysket breade.
Take rise flower, or excellent fine wheate flower di j lb & a drame, of suger
fine beaten di j lb, annisseeds j ?, licoris beaten to powder j ?, 20 yelkes of
eggs, butter melted a quarter of j lb, put all these together in a dishe, & stirre it
like batter, then make a coffine of paper, & anoynte the bottome & sides of it wth
butter, then set the coffin on a peele*, with a paper bewteene the coffin & ye peele,
then powre in your batter, & set it in ye oven after the bread is pulled out, and
when it hath stood in ye oven one quarter of an howre till it begin to colour, then
take it out, & turne the bottome of the coffin upwardes, & so you may take it out
easilye, then cut it in pieces, & lay these pieces in the coffin edgelyn*, that one
touche not an other, then set them in the oven, & let them dry 4 or 5 howres, or
a whole nighte if the oven be colde, but remember to turne them often times.
70. To make bysket bread another waye.
Take 10 egges & put out halfe the whites, then beate them well, then put in 5
or 6 spoonefull of rosewater, then take j lb of suger verye fine beaten, j lb of flower,
& mingle them together, then take annisseeds j ?, coriander seedes j ?, then
bruise them severallye*, & serce** them, then put them into your egs & flower,
& worke them together, & make them into litle knots, & bake them.
71. To still* a pigge.
Take a sowe pig of 10 dayes olde, & knocke it on the heade that it bleede not the
scalde it, & cut it into 7 or 8 pieces, & laye it in the bottome of your still, then
take j lb of currence, di j lb of annisseedes, di j lb of dates, di j lb of rise, di j lb of
almonds, di j ? of mace, di j ? of cloves, di j ? of cynamon, beate all these
together, & straw them upon the pig in ye still, & with a softe fire still it.
72. To make batter breade.
Take 16 newe layde eggs, & put away halfe of the whites, & beate the eggs very
well with a ladle, & put thereunto j lb of very white suger, beate the
eggs & the

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB