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Image 107, third book, folio 55a, receipts 58 (contd) to 65

is of cookerye. .fo. 55.
Liber 3.
Take a cowes udder & seeth* it till it bee tender, then slyce it, & laye it betweene
onyons, & season it with pepper, & salte, & vorgesse*, & when it is well baked,
and soked*, serve it forthe.
59. To preserve oranges in syrrop.
Let your syrrop wherein you boyle your oranges be boyled to ye full heygth* of a
syrrop, then put in your oranges, & let them boyle a just* howre, in the same syrrop,
& let ye syrrop & the oranges be both colde, & then keepe them therein.
60. To make a tarte of oranges.
Take oranges & shave them, then lay them in water one nighte, then perboyle* them
in 4 waters, that done lay them in malmesy* two howres, then take them out from ye
same, & wringe them harde from it, & strayne it with malmesy & set it on ye fire,
& put thereunto 2 yelkes* of eggs, cynamon, suger, & a litle rose water.
61. To make fine knots*, rowles*, cracknells*, &
rings*, to eate agaynst the colde.
Take twoe pintes of fayre water, & a pinte of rosewater, then take a quantity
of very fine flower, & ye yelkes and whites of 6 egges, & good thicke creame, & a
good deale of fine suger, & if you will a litle cynamon, & worke all these together
in past, & when your past* is ready wroughte, worke amongst it some annisseeds,
& fennell seedes, then make it up in ringes, & knots, & set a panne of water over
the fire, & when it seeth put the rings & knots into the water, & at the firste
puttinge in they will sinke unto the bottome, & as soone as they rise agayne take
them up, & set them upon some table to drayne, & when they be dry bake them.
62. Blaye manger* for them that be sicke.
Take allmondes & beate them very fine with rose water, & fine suger, & strayne
it through a fine clothe, & let your stuffe be as thicke as ye stuffe you make
your creame withall, & put thereunto twoe spoonefull of vergisse*. Agayne
take blaunched allmonds fine beaten 6 ?, strayne them with rosewater, &
chickens brothe, & 3 or 4 whites of egges, with a litle grated breade, boyle them
with a softe fire, & strayne them through a thicke strayner, & season it with
rose water, & suger, & so dishe it.
63. To bake calves feete after ye French fashion.
Boyle the feete firste, & season them with salte, cynamon, & a litle pepper, &
give them a litle butter, then take parsley & onyons, & put it in amongst them,
& so close them up, & when they be halfe baked, take them out of the oven, and
& put a litle vineger & butter into the pye.
64. To make French pottage*.
Take the ribbs of mutton, & chop the bones & flesh together, then take carret roots,
& for lacke of them onyons, & for lack of them hearbes, with a litle cynamon
and pepper to season it.
65. To make a banquetting dishe*.
Take a pinte of creame, & 4 whites of egges well beaten in a dishe, then put it to
your creame, & boyle them till they be thicke, then strayne it through a lynnen
clothe, & season it with suger, & rose water, & serve it to the boarde, you maye
make the same dishe with ye yelkes of eggs if you will.
To make

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