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Image 104, third book, folio 53b, receipts 43 to 48

The thirde booke,
Take fayre water, & new yeste, with parsleye, & time, & let them boyle well
together, & then season them, & put in a litle sweet butter, & a messe* of verges*,
& pepper, & put in your carpe, & let them boyle together, & then take some
of the brothe, & put into it a little sweete butter, & suger, & cut sops*, & lay
your carpe thereon, & put the brothe above, & so serve it forthe.
43. To make puddings with pigs liver.
First perboyle* the sayde liver, them stampe** it with 3 spoonefull of creame, then
strayne it with 2 egges whites yelkes* & all, then put thereunto a quarter
of a manchet*, grated, & 3 or 4 spoonefull of creame more, with a little suger,
pepper, saffron, cloves, mace, & a good quantity of beefe suet, & let it bee
cut to ye quantity of a dye*, & mixte it with a good quantitye of suger.
44. To stewe larkes.
Take them & drawe them cleane*, & cut of theire feete, then take a good deale of
wine in a platter, & take a good deale of marrowe, & put to the wine, & boyle
them on a chafeingdish* & coales, & let them stewe there a good while, then
take a quantity of small reasons*, & washe them cleane, & put them into the
broth with a little suger, cynamon, & a certayne crummes of manchet, & so let
them stewe together, then cut halfe a dowzin* toastes, & laye them in a platter, &
put the larkes & broth unto them, & so serve them forthe.
45. To seeth chickens in lettice.
Take a necke of mutton with a marrow bone, & seeth it & skimme it cleane, and
let it boyle well together, & when it is enoughe, take out some of the broth and
strayne it, & put your chickens into it, then take a good many lettice, whashe
them cleane, & put them thereunto, then take a little white breade, & strayne it,
& put it into the pot to thicke it withall, allso put thereunto whole mace, & seaso
it with pepper, vergesse*, & a little suger, then cut soppes, & lay them in a dishe,
& put thereunto your marrowe, chickens, & brothe, & so serve it in.
46. To make small baked meates.
Take eggs & seethe them harde, then take out the yelkes, & bray* them in a morter,
& temper* them, & put unto them pepper, saffron, cloves, mace, small reasons,
allmonds blanches, & shred small, & grated breade, take allso peares sodden in
ale, braye them & strayne them with ye same licor, & put thereunto bastarde* &
honye sodden*, then make little coffins**, & set them in ye oven tyll they be hard, then
take them out agayne, & put ye sayd licor therein, & so serve them forthe.
47. To make tarts of Portingall*
Take a quarte of Leipfe* hony, & set it upon the fire, & when it doth seeth, skymme
it cleane, & put thereunto certayne biskets well serced*, & some powder of clovs
cynamon, ginger, & annisseeds, let all these be well sod* upon the fire, untill it
be as thicke as shall be needfull, & for ye past*, take flower as finelye dressed
as may be, & worke ye same well together, & kneade it not.
48. To make creame of allmondes.
Take allmonds & bray them small in a morter, then strayne them through a
strayner with fayre water, & with thicke milke, & draw them throughe
agayne with

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