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Image 103, third book, folio 53a, receipts 35 to 42.

is of cookerye. .fo. 53.
Liber. 3.
35. To dresse neates* tongues.
First boyle them untill they be very tender, then make toastes of breade and
toast them untill they be very blacke, then washe them in fayre water, & put
them into a fayre earthen vessell, & put unto them flesh broth, vineger, red
wine, ginger, & cynamon, & strayne all these together, so that it bee not too
thicke, then put thereunto suger, & salte, & cut your tongues in fayre leches*,
& so frye them in sweete butter, that done put your leches into your broth,
& let them boyle together, & so serve them in with your sawce.
36. To make pescods*.
Make shorte past* with yelkes** of eggs, & a little suger, & butter, & take for
your stuffe marrowe, & small reasons*, dates, cynamon, & suger, & fry them
with sweete butter, & when you serve them in, cast upon them suger and
37. To make bennets*.
Put butter & water over the fire in a fayre panne, & when it boyleth put
thereunto fayre flower, & salte, & so let them boyle, but stirre them well
for burninge, & when it is well & thicke, put it into an earthen panne, then
breake eggs into it, & boyle them so together, then take a good quantitye of
butter clarified over ye fire, & with a spoone put your other stuffe into it,
then fry them till they be browne, this done serve them forth with suger
strawed over them.
38. To make a pye of chickens.
First make a fine past with butter, yelkes of eggs, & a little suger, the take
marrowe, cynamon, ginger, cloves, mace, small reasons, prunes, dates,
& gooseberries, & when the pye is halfe baked, then put in throughe the
lid a little claret wine, & a little vergisse*.
39. To make toastes*
Take the kidney of veale, & chop it small, & cut thinne toastes, & make
them square, then take cynamon, suger, ginger, dates, small reasons, cloves,
& mace, saffron, & yelkes of eggs, & when you serve them to the boarde,
cast on suger & cynamon.
40. To make a cherrie tarte.
First make fine shorte past, then put in marrowe, cynamon, suger, & ginger,
make the lid & cut it like lozenges & close them together, & when it is halfe
baked, take it out of the oven, & dresse it upon the lid with rosewater and
suger, & put it into the oven agayne, & when you serve it in, cast upon
it cynamon & suger.
41. To stewe sparrowes.
Take ale & set it on the fire, & when it doth seeth skymme it cleane, & then
put in your sparrowes with small reasons, suger, cynamon, ginger, and
dates, & let them boyle together, then take marrowe butter, & a little ver-
gesse, & keepe it close, & when it is enoughe, make soppes* in platters,
and so serve them forthe.
42. To seeth a carpe.
Take fayre

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