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Image 101, third book, folio 52a, receipts 28 to 31.

.fo. 52
is of cookerye.
Liber 3.
them coole twoe or three houres, & then put them into pottes.
28. To preserve quinces in their brothe.
Take your quinces & cut out ye cores, & save them, then set water on ye fire, &
put the cores into it with the quinces, whilst the water is colde, & take it fro
the fire before it seeth, & let them lye in the water before it be full soked, but
let them not breake, then take them up, & lay them on the boarde with ye holes
downewarde, & let them lye so downewarde 12 houres to coole, then put them
into an earthen pot, & strayne the same licor that they were sodden in into
the same pot, & keepe it close from the ayre, & when you take anye out,
save the rine* as well as you can
29. To preserve damsons.
Take j lb of damsons, & set them in a fayre earthen panne with ye stalkes upwards
one by an other, & waye halfe a pownd of suger, & beate it fine, & straw it
upon them, & take 22 peices of cynamon of an inch long & half an inch
broade, & 11 cloves & pricke them aboute the suger, & put in 11 spoonefull
of pure rose water, & cover them close with a fayre platter, & set them
over the embers, & let them preserve very softely even as you can devise,
that it doe not runne out of the syrrop, & every hand while* take of ye platter,
& wipe of the dewe that comes fron them, & so let them stewe till they be softe
above by the stalkes, then take the panne of the fire, & let it then stande till
it be colde, then put them in a pot, & cover them close.
30. To make ginger breade.
Take j lb of suger, 2 ? of cynamon, j ? of ginger, annisseeds, & fennell seeds,
of each a spoonfull, beate them all to powder, & serce* them well, then take
a quarter of j lb of allmonds blanched, & beaten in a morter with a litle
rose water, they must be beaten very small but not grownde, then take them
out of the morter, & put unto them 2 or 3 spoonefull of ye pouder aforesayd,
& beate them together till they be stiffe like paste, then take it & moulde it with
some of the powder, as you would doe past with flower, & spreade it
abroade in cakes as thinne as you can for breakeinge, & so put then upon
your moulde, then cut them with a knife or with a iagged* iron, & even as you
make your cakes, put pouder enough betweene them for stickinge unto
your moulde, & so put of from the moulde, laye them to drye.
31. To make syrrop of cherries or damsons.
Take your cherries or damsons & picke out the stones, & strayne them, but
put no licor unto them nor water, then put them unto as much suger as you
shall thinke good, & so set it over the fire, & allwayes stirre it to keepe it fro
burninge, & let them seeth till they bee very thicke, then put them into a faire
earthen pot, & when it is colde, cover it & set it up, & when you draw your
breade, set your pot into the oven, & let it stande there all one nighte, and
when it is colde, set it up agayne, and doe this twise or thrise* in ye yeare
for feare of mouldeinge.
To make

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