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Image 100, third book, folio 51b, receipts 24 (contd) to 27

The thirde booke,
seethinge, take your quinces out of the water, & put them into an other panne of
fayre water, & parboyle them fayre & softlye, so that in no wise they breake, and
when they bee indifferentlye parboyled, then take them out, & lay them upon a
fayre boarde ye coores downewarde, that the water may drayne out of them, and
when they be cleane drayned, take your syrrop & set it on the fire, & let it boyle
agayne, & in the meane season pricke in every quinch* 3 or 4 cloves, & put them
into the syrrop, & let them boyle softlye, & many wise turne them with a pretye
stirrer that in any wise they breake not, & skymme of the skymme* that shall
arise of them, & let not one side be more boyled than another, they put into your
30 quinces halfe a pinte of pure red rose water, & two whole stickes of cyna=
mon each of them a large handfull longe, & breake them into small peices twoe
inches longe, & so put them into your quinces & syrrop, & let them boyle a while
after you have put in your cynamon, then take them out & put them into a faire
charger*, & lay the coores downewardes that they may drayne cleane, & let ye
syrrop boyle still on the fire tyll it be so thicke that it will hang on a spoone, then
take it of the fire & let it coole, then put the quinces into a fayre stone pot, &
powre the syrrop upon them, & cover them close with a paper over the potts
mouthe, & with a fayre lynnen cloth over the paper, bynd it faste about the
pots mouthe, & so let them stande one monthe.
25. To make very fine powder of violets.
Take flowerdeluce* roots j lb, red roses j ?, of storax calaminte** di i ?, cloves
twoe drames, marioram 2 drames, of lavender flowers a drame, & make them
into powder, & put thereunto of fine rose water 2 ?, & stirre them all together
by the space of an howre tyll the water be dryed up, then set it aside one day,
& after than dry them by ye fire halfe a howre, & when the powder is well
dryed, put it up.
26. To make damaske water.
Take 4 ? of orris*, j ? of cypers*, j ? of dry spikeflowers*, 2 ? of roseleaves
dryed, j ? of orange pills*, j ? of nugillere maior, 4 ? of fustis*, of cloves j ?,
of beniamin* 2 ?, of lapis danidone* j ?, of calimus calimaticus* di j ?, of
storax calaminte* j ?, & beate them into powder, then take a pinte of aquavite, &
put the powder & it together into an earthen pot for the space of 4 dayes, and
then when you still them laye the bottome of your still with bay leaves, & a
line of rose leaves, & straw a certayne of your powder thereon, & alwayes
your rose leaves uppermoste, & lay it with bassell*, or els wth mariora gentle*,
& fill your glasse but three quarters full, as it may worke in ye sunne, then
take 8 graynes of muske*, & binde it in a cloth, & put it into your glasse.
27. To make cherries in confection.
Take ripe chosen cherries, cut of the stalke halfe, & put them in a fryinge
panne over a softe fire, & to every pownde of cherries take j lb of fine suger
in powder, & boyle them so till the third parte bee wasted awaye, then put
a little rose water to them with a little cloves beaten, & cynamon, & let
them coole

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB