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Image 098, third book, folio 50b, receipts 16 (contd) to 20

The thirde booke,
the palsye, & if one spoonefull of this be given to a man or woman laboringe
towards death, it reviveth them. * Item of all waters artificiall there is
no better: In summer use one spoonefull in the morninge once a week fasteing,
and in winter twoe spoonefulls.
17. To make aquavite*
Fill a pot full of cleare red wine, & put thereunto ye powder of caniell, which
is cynamon, gellofyre*, ginger, peritur*, nutmegs, gallingall, spikenard*, maces,
quibibis*, graynes*, dei parris*, parslye, sage, minte, calaminte*, longe pepper*,
blacke pepper, carrawaye, cyromontayne*, commen*, fennell seeds, smallage*,
horehownde*, of each a drame more or lesse, as you have, still** all these in a
lymbecke* with a softe fire, & ? looke that the still be well polymed*, so that no
ayre get out, & make your fire of coale, & reforme the water out of yowre
lymbecke into a vessell of glasse. * This water is called the water of
life, it hath all the nature & kinde of balmewater, it is good for very many
evills in man & woman, which is now too long to write. [??]pties of balme water.
18. To conserve damsons.
Take damsons & put them in a panne without any licor, but onelye of them=
selves, & make a softe fire under them, & stirre them well untill they bee so
boyled that the skinne goe of, & they consumed from the stones, then strayne
them through a coollender*, & take the like quantity of suger as of your stuffe,
then boyle them agayne till they waxe stiffe, & if it please you, you may put
into it the powder of cloves, cynamon, & ginger (for sicke folke it is better
without the powders) then put it into boxes to coole, & take it to your use.
19. To conserve quinces.
Take quinces pare* them & coore them, & seeth them in water till them be tender,
then take them out of the water, & stampe* them,& strayne them throughe a
strayner, then take as much suger as the quantity of your stuffe cometh unto,
& set it upon a fire of coales, & stirre it well for burninge, & when it waxeth
thicke, put thereunto cynamon, & suger, & put it out in boxes, & so let it coole.
20. To conserve cherries, & all manner plomes*.
Take 2 lb of cherries or more, picke of the stalkes, &search out all yt is pished*
& put the purest into a fayre earthen panne without ? any licor, & set them
over a softe fire to seethe, & allwayes bruise them with a sticke flat at the end,
till them be sodden, so that they may be strayned, then take them of, & set them
by a while till they be colde, then strayne them as neare as you can, & put
them into an earthen pal agayne panne agayne, & put in your suger till it bee
as sweete as you will have it, then set it on the fire agayne till it bee verye
thicke, & stirre it for burninge, & to knowe when it is stiffe enough, lay some
of it on the bottome of a sawcer, & if it come of without any sticking, it is
well, then

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