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Image 096, third book, folio 49b, receipts 9 (contd) to 13

The thirde booke,.
a very tractable fire underneath the pot, for burning to with small coales,
if your pot be 3 gallons, take an handfull of the best annisseeds bruised, m. of
licoris cleane scraped & beaten in a mortar, & di m. of coriander seed, di m. of
cynamon bruised, 4 parsly rootes, 3 fennell rootes, 3 striggs* of time, 3 striggs
of hysop, 3 striggs of sweete marioram, slyppe* of 3 leaves of carduus bene=
dictus*, & 2 leaves of hartes tongue*, washe ye striggs & leaves cleane, and
put them into the pot with the other earbes, & stirre them well together with the
leese*, & cover it with a platter, the fire being under, & looke well to it, and
stirre it with a flat sticke till it bee come, then take of the cover, & put on the
still heade*, & stop it close with ryemeale**, & put fayre water in ye toppe of
your still or limberke*, and as it heateth, so take it out, & put in colde.
10. To make sweete water.
Take a pecke* & an halfe of red roses, halfe a pecke of lavender, & put them
into a wine gallon* pot being filled full of running water, then put into it 3 ?
of orris*, j ? of cloves, di j ? of beniamin*, & 3 graynes of muske, & let it
stand in the same gallon pot for 24 howres, the pot being very close stopte, & once
in 3 or 4 howres stirre & shake the confection that is in the pot, & at the ende
of 24 howres take as muche of the same confection as will fill youre still, &
this so stilled will make a very sweete water.
11. To make a cawdell* of oatemeale.
You muste first seeth in your beere or ale iermander*, unset* hyssop, & marygolds,
all which three together must be to ye quantity of one handfull, then put thereunto
English saffron, butter, & suger, mace, & nutmegs.
12. To make ipocrasse*.
Take of cynamon 2 drams, chosen ginger halfe a drame, long pepper, cloves,
graynes*, nutmegs, & gallingalls*, of each two drams, mingle them together,
& put them in a glass with 9 ? of aquavite*, & stop the glasse with waxe
so close that no manner ayre enter in, & then shake it together 4 times every
howre for the space of 12 howres, & then let it alone without any moveing by
the space of 2 dayes or more at the leaste, & so keepe it while you shall have
neede, & when you will use it, put 4 drops at the least of ye sayd confection
into a pinte of wine well delitious* with white suger, & so is made ipocrasse**
13. To make a marchpayne*.
Take j lb of long small allmondes, & blaunch them in colde water, then take a cloth
& dry them as drye as you can, & stampe* them small, & put no licor to them but
as you must needes to keepe them from oyleinge*, & that small licor you must put
in, must be rosewater, in manner you must but wet your pessell* end, for feare
of puttinge in too much licor, & when you have beaten them fine, then take di j lb
of suger, & let it be beaten small into powder, it must be small suger, then put it
unto your allmonds, & beate them together, & when they be beaten, take youre
wafers, cut them in compas rownde, or in what other fashion you lyste*, &
then as soone as you can after the tempering of your stuffe, let it be put upo
your past of

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB