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Image 095, thirde book, folio 49a, receipts 4 to 8

is of cookerye. .fo. 49.
Liber 3.
betweene your fingers, then take your panne with your seedes, pills, or
spices, & shake them over the fire; allso you must have a ladle with an
hole in the middle & put a pin in the hole, then fill the ladle with hot sugar,
& let one holde it over the panne with the spices, & draw the pin a litle, that
the sugar runne out a litle at the hole as small as a thred, & over as
it runneth, shake your panne with the seeds over the fire as you would sifte
corne, & still shake it tyll they be dry & hard, then take another ladle full
& doe likewise till they be as big as you would have them, & if your seeds
doe cleave together at the beginninge, then rub them asunder wth your hands.
5. To colour comficts* or suger plates*.
Take a quarter of lb of brassell*, & shave it thinne, then take 10 lime
stones unquenched*, & lay them in the water till they be quenched**, & let ye
water settle, & take the clearest thereof, & put the brassell into it, & boyle
it on the fire, & then clense it, & put thereunto your sugar, that you have
to bee coloured.
6. To make rosa solis*.
Take a pottle* of rosa solis*, & a pottle of running water, & boyle it halfe,
awaye, then strayne the hearbs from ye water, & put to yt licor i lb of sugar,
& then boyle it to a pinte, & so keep it to your use, it is very good for a
weake bodye.
7. To make sugar plate* white or red.
Take suger of cypers* the best that you can get, & with as litle water as will
melte it, & cause it to be runne through a strayner, & set it over the fire, & there
melte & seethe* it, & in the seething skymme it cleane, then take it from ye fire
& strayne it throughe a strayner, or hearen sive*, then put it into a cleane
vessell, & set it over the fire agayne, then let it stand till it will roule* under
your hands, & if you will have it white, grinde it well with a treene* pestle in
the vessell you seeth it in, & if you will have it red, put saunders* to it in the
seethinge, till it be as red as you will have it, & stirre it well, & when it is
sodden* to the proofe**, & allmost colde, put thereunto the powder of ginger
cloves & cannel*, or any other powder that will make it stronge, & meddle
it well together, then take a stone & let it runne thereon abroade, & let it
lye till it be colde, & then take it of, & keepe it in plates*.
8. A note to make paste ale.
Take of the iuice* of scurvy grasse** a porringer** full, & half so much of ye iuice
of sorrell, of scabias, femitorye*, succory* leaves, germander*, & yonge hops, of
each an handfull, of docke roots sliced as thinne as may be one great handfull,
of licoris 2 stickes, 2 nutmegs, a spoonefull of coriander seeds bruised, put all
these hearbes, roots, & spices into a past & bake them, then breake the pye herbs
& all, into a stand* of stronge ale of two gallons, & withall put in your iuices,
& then let it stand till it have well wroughte* & setled agayne, & then use it.
8. To make aqua composita*.
Take wine leese*, & if they be thicke make them thinne with strong ale, & make
a verye

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