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Image 093, folio 48a, Index of the first and second books, T to X

and seconde bookes. .fo. 48.
For ye Throate being straight & sore: To make angelica water, & worme=
28.b. woode water: 45.b.
For the Tissicke*: 37.b. To make ????? balme Water: 26.b.
To make a rawe Treate*: 34.b. 41.a.
To make cynamon Water: 41.a. alias
V. ibid. et b.
For a Vayne* evill smitten: 22.a. To make rosemary Water: 41.a.
{of the oyle of sweete For lacke of Winde: 37.b.
The Vertue {almonds: 20.a. For shortnes of Winde: 38.a. alias ibid.
{of ye oyle hypericon*: 45.a. For a Woman which hath her throws*
before her time: 13.a.
To make Uncomes*, &c. 28.b. For a woman in travell* with childe:
To make Unguentum album*: 23.a. 34.a. 22.a.
To make Unguentum geneste*: 34.b. For all woundes, &c: 14.a. 17.b. 20.
To make Unguentum nervale *: 34.b. b. 25.a. 27.a.
To make Unguentum praetiosum*: 34.a.
To make Unguentum veni mecum*: X.
To stop Vometinge: 12.b. Y.
To make one Vomit: 36.a.
W. For him that hath ye Yerke*: 37.b.
For Wartes: 32.b. Z.
Here endeth the table of both these
bookes above written.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by ALB and RMS