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Image 092, folio 47b, Index of the first and second books, O to T

The table of the firste
To make Oyle of lawrell: 20.b. For the losse of Speech: 21.b. 28.a.
To make Oyle of roses: 20.b. 25.a. 34. For the Spleene: 39.a. 44.a.
a. alias ibid. To take away eyther flesh or bloude
To make Oyle sambute*: 20.b. Spots: 29.a.
To make Oyle of swallows: 21.a. For a Stitche: 22.b. 20.a.
43.b. For the Stomacke: 12.b. 17.a. 18.b. 28.a.
To make Oleum cyriacum*: 34.b. alias ibid.
To make Oximell*: 43.b. 44.b. for one that hath no taste in meate, nor
P drinke: 22.b.
For the Palsye*: 27.b. alias 6 ibid. for him that cannot digeste: 23.a. 38.a.
For Passio sciatica*: 33.a. alias ibid. 39.a.
For the Pestilence*: 13.a. 23.1. 26.b. For the Stone: 11.b. 13.a. alias ibid. 16.b.
34.b. 35.a. alias 2 ibid. ec b. alias s 17.a. 18.b. alias 2 ibid. 24.b. 25.b. alias
ibid. 36.b. 42.b. 45.a. ibid. 26.b. alias ibid. 30.a. alias 6 ibid.et
b. alias ibid. 39.b. 40.b. cum huigordine*
For one that is taken in a Planet: 39.b. 41.b. 42.a. alias 2 ibid. 43.a.
For the Pocke* or fistula*: 16.a. for him yt pisseth his kinde*: 30.b.
For the Pricke of a thorne, or nayle: for payne in ye yard* by making water:
16.b. 28.a. alias ibid. 29.a. alias 30.b.
ibid. 35.b. for him yt cannot hold his water: 30.b.
For Poyson, or venim: 25.a. alias ibid. to cause one to make water: 13.a. 21.a.
31.a. et b. alias ibid. 29.a. alias ibid. 31.a. 42.a. alias ibid.
To make Pulverem Gregum*: 34.b. For ye Strangurion*: 30.b. alias ibid.
A receipte to Purge: 42.b. alias ibid.
45.b. To make a suppositorye: 17.a. 33.b.
For the Pynne, & webbe*: 11.a. et b. For Sweateinge: 29.b. alias ibid. 36.b.
Q. For a Swelling: 24.1. alias ibid. 25.b.
For the Quinsye: 16.a. 28.b. alias ibid. {of ye cheeks: 28.b.
To make a Quintizan*: 25.b. {of the cods*: 31.a.
R. {of ye belly: 21.a. 31.b.
For the Raignes*: 29.b. {of ye feete wth travel:
For the running of ye Raignes*: 39.b. For ye Swellinge {32.b.
A receipte: 42.b. {in ye hands: ec: 31.a.
For Ringwormes: 32.a. {alias ibid.
To make Rosa solis*: 46.a. {of the stomacke: 17.a.
S. {38.a. alias ibid.
To make a Salve: 25.a. et b. {of the yarde*: 31.a.
To make Sanguinem Veneris*:34.a. For shrinkeing of the Synews: 15.b.
For Scals*: 19.a. 23.a. 27.a. 45.b. 43.a.
For Scalding with a common woman: For a strayne in ye Synews: 40.b.
31.a. alias ibid. For weakenes of ye Synews: 40.b.
To make a Seere cloth*: 17.a. 25.b. 43.a. To make Syrrop of elacampane* rootes:
For payne under the Side: 38.b. 11.b.
To make one Sleepe: 11.a. 37.a. T.
For all Sores: 13.b. alias ibid. 14.b. 22 ? To make Teeth stand faste: 21.b.
a. et b. 23.b. 24.a. alias ibid. 32.a. 41. ? For a great Thirste: 38.b.
a. 44.a. 45.b.
For the

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

An entry outlined like this has a note which may be seen by hovering over it.

Transcribed by RMS and ALB