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Image 090, folio 46b, Index of first and second books, A to C

The table of the firste
Here endeth the booke of Mrs Ownsteads medicines ؞
Now followeth the table both of this, as allso of the other
booke above written
For an Ache: 13.b. 17.b. 23.b. 26.b. To staunch Bleeding at ye nose: 22.a.
For all manner of Aches: 14.a. 24.a. 33. To staunch the Bleeding of a wound:
a. alias ibid. 40.a. alias ibid. 13.b. alias ibid. 22.a. 28.a. 29.b. 34.a.
For Ache in the backe: 29.b. To staunch Bloud in a vayne: 22.a.
For Ache in the bone: 21.a. 24.a. 33.a. For one that pisseth Bloud: 22.a. 30.b.
For Ache in the hukle*, or in other pla= For spitting Bloude: 22.a. alias ibid.
ces: 22.a. 38.a.
For an Ache in any lymme: 29.b. For Bloude fallen into ye legs: 31.b.
For a sore Breast yt is swollen: 22.b.
For an Ache in the rigge*: 20.a. 17.b. 19.a. alias ibid. 20.b. 29.a.
For an Ache under the side: 29.b. For one that is Broken: 26.a.
For an Ache in the teeth: 12.a. 44.b. For a Bruise, or swellinge: 14.b. alias
For an Ache in the thighes & feete: 32.a. ibid. 24.b. 26. 40.b.
For an inwarde Bruise: 28.a.
For an Ague or fever: 17.a. 35.b. 44.b. For an olde Bruise, sore, &c: 18.a.
For an Ague cake*, or elves cake*: 29.b. For a Burninge, or scaldinge: 15.a. et b.
30.a. alias ibid. 16.a. 26.a. 35.a. 45.a.
For an Ague in a womans breast: 29.b. For the Burninge ex cöitus: 32.a.
To take out the fire of a Burninge, or
For Akeing of a hollow toothe: 21.b. scaldeinge: 15.a.
For Akeing in the side: 38.b. C.
For Akeing thighes, & stiffe synewes: For the Cake*, or hardnes under ye side:
32.a. 17.a.
For a Canker: 36.a. alias ibid.
For Akeing of the wombe: 16.b. To bring out the Canker: 36.b.
For Akeing of woundes yt be rankeled:* For a Canker within the bodye: 36.a.
27.a. For a fleshe Canker: 20.b. 29.a. alias
To make Aqua composita: 46.a. For the Canker in the mouth: 12.a. 37.
B a. 42.b.
For the Backe: 20.a. alias 2 ibid. 40.a. For the Canker in ye toothe: 12.a.
alias 4 ibid. 41.b. alias ibid. 42.a. For ye Canker in a womans pappes*:
A Bath for all manner lamenes: 14.a. 36.a.
To kill wormes in the Belly: 24.b. 25.a. For Children: 16.a. 19.a.
For one that is Benummed of any lymb: A Composition which King Mithrida=
28.a. alias ibid. 32.a. tes did use: 19.a. et b.
For the Biteinge or stingeinge of an adder A Confection of suger & vineger: 19.b.
25.a. 31.b. 36.a. For a Consumption: 16.b. 22.b.
For the Biteing of a mad dogge: 24.b. For Cornes in the feete: 32.a.
alias ibid. 31.b. For ye Cough: 12.b. 20.a. 25.b. 36.b.
For the Biteing of an eyren* 39.b.
For ye chine Coughe*: 35.b. 37.b.
For the

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB