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Image 089, second book, folio 46a, receipts 365 to 367.

The seconde booke. .fo.46.
Liber 2.
Take twoe quartes of claret wine, & one quarte of sallet oyle*, stirre them
well together, then set them on the fire, then take terra sigillata*, & scrape
it into it as you would doe suger into mustard to make sawce, & then let
them boyle together till it rise in bubbles, then drop it as hot upon the
wounde or sore as the patient can suffer it, & if it neede tentinge* dip a
tente* into it, & dip three linnen cloths in it, & lay them one upon another,
& some fine towe* upon the clothes, & so binde it up.
365. An excellent medicine for the eyes.
Take a newe layde egge, then take the white & put it into a fayre porringer*,
& beate it with a spoone till there rise a great froth on it & begin to p[u?]rge, then
let it stand, & then take a spoonefull of honye, & put it in a goode bigge friute[?]
dishe, & boyle it on the fire, & skymme it so long as any skymme will rise
on it, then take a spoonefull of good oyle, but first take it from ye fire then put
in your oyle & allso a spoonefull of white rose water, if you can get it, if
not the oyle will serve if neede be, & when it is bloude warme, then take of
the scome* of the white of the egge, & under it will be a cleare water, then
put that into the hony allso, & stirre them well together, then put it into a vi=
all glasse, & when you shall use it, put one drop into the sore eye at even and
morne, &c: it healeth the pynne & webbe* & taketh away the pearle in ye eye
if it be taken betimes: or healeth any wound or stripe in the eye: Allso if they
be excessive red put out a spoonefull into a spoone, then take fine flaxe & wet
it well in it, & at even lay it on the eye, & by Gods grace it shall be well in
two or three times dressinge, &c.
366. To make rosa solis*.
Take a pottle* or a quarte of aquacomposita*, & according to the quantity of
your glasse, & as much of the hearbe rosa solis, a quantity of the crops with
the flowers of rosemarye, a quantity of lungworte, a quantity of liverwort,
certayne leaves of hartes tongue, & cut away the ribb, a quantity of winter
savery, halfe a douzen dates of the best cleane pickte & sliced, [S] di lb of
reasons* of the sun. the stones taken out, halfe an ownce of annisseedes bruised,
di j ? of ginger of the best cleane scrapte & bruised, di j ? of licoris cleane
scrapte & bruised, di j ? of cloves, di j ? of nutmegs bruised to powder,
jd of cinamon bruised, 2 d of large maces, halfe lb of fine white suger bea=
ten to powder, your spices beate to powder, & your hearbes (saveing your
rosa solis) shred, put all together in a gallon glasse, then poure thereinto
your aquacomposita, that your hearbes & your spices be covered therewith,
then straw* your powdred sugar thereon, then your glasse covered close, set
it in the sunne nine dayes.
367. To make aqua composita.*
Take 3 gallons of good ale, 8 ? of annisseeds, 3 ? of corriander seeds, 2 ? of
carraway or fennell seeds, 2 ? of gallingall*, halfe a pound of licoris, & an
handfull of wormewoode, the first quarte is aquacomposita, ye seconde a
quarte of aquavitae*, & the last two pintes of white water that muste be
stilled agayne.
heere endeth

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Transcribed by ALB and RS