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Image 086, second book, folio 44b, receipts 349 to 355.

The seconde booke.
349. For ye tooth ache.
Take a prety quantity of Aquavite*, pepper, ginger, gallingall,* treacle, & wheate
flower, & make a paste thereof, & lay it upon the gummes.
350. A medicine for an itching humor
Take red sage, woodbine leaves, of each like much, then stampe* them & straine
them through a cloth, & use the iuice.*
351. For the falling of the fundamente*.
Take an old shoe sole, & scrape it cleane, & burne it in a fire shovell over the
fire till it come to a coale, & then make a powder of it, & strawe it upon the
place, & put it up with a warme clothe.
352 An approved medicine for an ague.
Take a good quantity of elderbuds, & for wante of the buds the inner rine*, and a
quantitye of the tops of hysop*, boyle these in ale, or beere, & put thereunto a
spoonefull of pepper, & some treacle, & so drinke it.
353. To make oximell,* & Simplex.*
Take a quarte of honye, & a quarte of running water, & let them boyle to=
gether till the water be consumed, then put thereunto a quarte of wine
vineger, & let it boyle to a sirrop, then take a pinte of new milke, & set it
on the fire, till it begin to boyle, & then put into it as much oximell as will
turne it: Then take of the curde, & in draweing it from the fire, put in m of
damaske rose leaves, & so let it coole, & drinke a good draughte in ye morninge.
354. To withstand colde takeing in the feete.
Take a lapfull of nettles, when they be first seeded, of ye redest & ye rankeste*
you can get, stampe them, & boyle them in a pottle* of fresh hogs grease, & then
bury it in a horse dunghill 12 dayes, then take it up, strayne it hot, & boyle it
agayne as before, with so many more nettles, & bury it agayne as before, then
take it up, & strayne it hot from the herbes, then stampe so many more nettles,
two heades of garlicke put into it, & bury it agayne as before 12 dayes, then take
it up, & boyle it, & strayne it, & anoynt ye soles of your feet agaynst the fire
in the morninge, & you shall never take colde in your feete to hurt you, thoughe
you shoulde goe wetshod*, use this every morning in ye winter, & when you will.
355. Mr Baltroppe* his medicine.
Take of the flowers of cowslips in the month of May j lb, of the oyle of olyffe so
much as the flowers may be well stiped* & covered withall, let these be infused
together untill June, that you may have these herbes underwritten: (i) calamint,
hearbe John, sage, egrimonye, rosemarye, suthernwoode, wormewood, penyroyall,
lavender, pellitory of Spayne*, cammamill, leaves of laurye**, flowers of lillies,
of each an handfull, grinde them well together in a stone morter, to the manner
of a salve*, then take the flowers of cowslips aforesayde, & with cleane hands
wring them out of the oyle, & grind them with the other hearbes, then put all ye
foresayd hearbes into so much white wine as will cover them, so let them stand
one day & one nighte, then put thereunto the oyle ye the cowslyp flowers were
stiped in, then boyle all together over a softe fire of coles, till all the wine
bee in a manner

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB