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Image 085, second book, folio 44a, receipts 345 to 348

The Seconde Booke Fo. 44.
Liber 2.
or els in a panne of water, but first apply your pot, & put thereunto di j lb
of white or yellow waxe, which you will, & a pynt of sallot* oyle or butter.
345. A medicine for the heate in ones face.
Take.m. strawberrye leaves, to cover ye bottome of your still, a pinte
of creame, & a quarte of strawberries, 6 slices of raw beefe leane &
new killed, 2 ? of camfry, halfe a quarter of one ? of white maccary*:
lay upon the strawberry leaves one lare* of beefe, one lare of creame,
& so of the strawberries, camfrye*, & maccarye*: they must be stilled** with
a very softe fire, & ye water set in the sunne ten dayes before it bee
used: the pty must first be let bloude in ye liver vayne, & purged.
346. An excellent water made wth mercury sublimatum*
for to heale newe & old sores, & allso to kill ye itche
ringwormes, & tetters*, & such like.
Take a pottle* of running water, & set it on ye fire, cover it close, & be sure yt
no ashes or duste get into it, let it seeth* as you thinke tyll di a pinte be con=
sumed, then pull it somewhat backe, that it may seeth but softly, and putte
thereunto di j ? of mercury sublimatum*, & be sure you put it into a white
paper 3 or 4 folde, & beate it very small, & then put it into ye water, as afore=
sayde, & stirre it continually all the while it seetheth, & whilst you put it in,
stirre it allso in every place, & let it seeth half a quarter of an houre after ye
mercury is put into the water, & then take it from the fire, & when it is through
colde, skym of that which you shall finde uppermost, & put the water into a
glasse, & when you neede to use it, make it lukewarme, & with a cloth wash
the sore place, & lay the wet cloth to it 3 or 4 double, & so dresse ye sore 3 or 4
times in a daye, as you shall see cause, & if you will have the water very strong,
then you must let the water seeth more before you put in ye mercury, and also more
after it is put in, this water hath done marveilous* greate cures.
347. For the roughnes in face & handes,
& to smooth the skinne.
Take di j ? of very good mercury sublimatum finely folded up 3 or 4 double in
a white paper, & beaten to powder very fine with an iron pestle, & then put it
into a pottle of colde runninge water in a glasse, & shake it well together, &
in the morninge wash your face & your hands with it, for it will smoothe the
roughnes, & clense the skinne: In the evening you may doe the like, or when you
thinke best: I take ye eveninge to be best when you goe to bed: when you make
these waters with mercury, put on your gloves, for it is dangerous to handle
it, before it be mingled with the water, & let it not touche any golde ring, for
it will marre the coloure of it. Probatum est.*
348. For the spleene.
Take cammamill, & May butter*, & boyle it in your owne water, & bath your side
with clothes halfe an howre, then take the oyle of caperres*, & anoynte your
For the

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