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Image 084, second book, folio 43b, receipts 342 to 344

The seconde booke.
Take two drams of aloes, halfe a drame of myrhe, 24 clisses* of saffron, beate
all these together into fine powder, then mixe them with ye best muskaden*
or malmesy* you can get, & for wante of that take ye sirrop** of violets or
roses, so much as will mollifye* it, to make a pill, & so you may take it
every morning fastinge, or els an howre before supper.
342. For a salteslome* face.
Take 2 id of quickesilver, & put it into a violl* with a spoonfull or 2 of fasting
spittle, & shake it 4 or 5 houres till ye quickesilver be killed, & then put the
quickesilver upon such a stone as ye paynters grinde theire colours on with j id
of the oyle of bayes, & 2 or 3 spoonefull at the moste of woodbine water, or of
wilde tansey water, put on your water by little & little as you soe neede, grind
all these aforesayde till your quickesilver be not seene, & then all these will
growe in manner of a salve, & put it into a boxe, & when you goe to youre
bed, annoynte your face therewith, & if your face smarte, it is a token yt
it will heale: & if you will have it cleane gone, keepe it on your face all yt
nighte, & the day & nighte followinge, then on ye morrow after ye second nighte,
when you shall wash your face, take wheate branne, & put it in runninge
water one nighte, & on the morrowe wash your face with ye cleare water
thereof bloude warme*, & see that ye oyle bee good & newe, or els it will savor**,
& occupy this medicine every nighte to bedwarde, & in ye morning wash it
away with ye water abovewritten: this is truly proved: you must allso
use this dyet, abstayne from strong wines, & sharpe sawces, as from garlike,
onyons, pepper, mustarde, salte meates, & fryed meates, & from meat over-
much rosted, & from all hot things, & excessive cold things, & ye crustes of
breade, use this medicine, & keepe this dyet, & you shall be whole:
this is truelye proved.
343. To make oxmele.*
Take 7 spoonfull of very good honye, & set it on ye fire till it be clarified, then
put unto it a quarter of a pinte of very good hysop water, & let it seethe
till it be in ye manner of a sirrop, then put thereunto one spoonefull & a halfe
of wine vineger, & a spoonefull of red rose water, & then let it boyle 2 or 3
wames*, & then put it into a glasse, & keepe it for your use: it is verye
good for the coughe of the lunges.
344. The oyle of swallowes
Take 20 swallowes, & put them quicke into a morter, & put unto them laven-
dercotton, & lavender spicke*, cammamyll, knot grasse, ribworte, balme, va-
lerian, rosemarye tops, woodbind tops, strings of vines, French mallows tops,
alehoofe*, strawberry strings, tutsan**, planten, wallnut leaves, tops of yong
bayes, hysop, violet leaves, sage of vertue*, fine Roman wormewood, of
each an handfull, 2 handfull of red roses, & beate all these together, & put
thereunto a quarte of neatsfoot oyle, or May butter*, & grind them all
together, & beate with them j ? or 2 of cloves, & put them all together into
an earthen pot, & stop it very close, with a piece of doughe rounde aboute
it, so as no ayre come out, & seeth them sixe or eighte hours over ye fire,
or else in a

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Transcribed by RMS and ALB