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Image 083, second book, folio 43a, receipts 335 to 341.

.fo. 43
The seconde booke
Liber 2.
by themselves, & after still the wine, & that water is good for agues, but
put it not to ye water of the hearbes, for that with a litle or methredatum*
shall dryve away any sickenes from the harte, if unto this you adde 4 ? of
fine methredatum , & di j lb of Venice treacle, or treacle of Jeane* to infuse
with the rest, & so distill it, then will it be most excellent, both for ye plague
and agues.
335. A powder for the collicke & stone.
Take wilde time, garden time*, pellytorye, meade parslye, garden parsly,
ashen keyes, water cresses, red mynte, stone croppe, grunsell, of each like
much, dry them, & beate them to powder, & let ye patient drinke thereof in
posset ale or cawdle*, & it will helpe him of the collicke presentlye.
336. To make a seare clothe.
Take a pinte of sallot*oyle, di j lb of red lead finely beaten, boyle these together
till it be blacke, then put unto it a quarter of j lb virgin waxe shred,
& let it melte, then dip your clothes in it & smooth them, & keep them for
seare clothes : before you put in your waxe, dippe drop some of this upon
the bottome of a sawcer, & if it runne cleane of it is boyled enough; & when
your clothes be dipped, hold them over a panne of water till it be colde, then
stretch it out, & wet a borde with milke, & sleeke* them with a sleeke stone,
then rowle them up, & keepe them for very good seare clothes, to lay to any
sore when it is neare whole, to drawe the ach & venyme* from the bone,
& it is good to dissolve any harde swelling.
337. A very good oyntement for sinews yt be shronke*,
& for an ache: approved.
Take di a pinte of sallot oyle, j ? of the oyle of balme, di .m. of mallowes,
di .m of germander*, di j lb of hogs grease, boyle all these together, then take
it from the fire, & strayne it, & anoynte the place grieved therewith, mor-
ninge & eveninge: & so keepe it for your use.
338. To kill stomacke wormes.
Take di .m. of wormewoode, 2 id of ye oyle of spicke*, 2 id of ye oyle of Exeter**, boile
all these together& make a plaster thereof, & laye it to ye navell, & it will
presentlye helpe.
339. For melancholye.
Take 3 spoonefull of ipocras*, 3 graynes of unicornes horne, five grayns beser**
stone, three graynes of muske, & as much methredatum as a wallnut, infuse
all these into the ipocras, and drinke every morninge a spoonefull thereof,
for three mornings together.
340. For the weakenes of the stomacke.
Take a pottle of sacke*[*], di j lbof suger, j ? of ginger, a spoonefull of anniseeds,
a spoonefull of coriander seeds, the tops of sweete margerome*, a litle balme, and
some rosemary, or els rosemary flowers, & a nutmeg bruised, infuse all these
together into the sacke, & drinke of this halfe an howre before meate & after
meate, when you feele your stomacke full, and not well.
341. A speciall good pill to purge ye heade, &
a preparative agaynst the plague.
Take 2 drammes

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