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Image 082, second book, folio 42b, receipts 330 to 334.

The second booke
warme in the morninge fastinge, & fast 2 houres after, & then drinke as much
at 4 of ye clocke in ye afternoone, & so continue for 9 dayes together
330. A receipt to make a purge of ruberbe & scene*
Take a pinte of water & boyle in it parsly roots, & fennell roots, of each fowre
handfull, mallows, & violet leaves, of each di an handfull, a quarter of j lb of
reasons of the sunne* ye stones being taken out, boyle all these together with a
large mace till halfe be consumed, then let ye water runne from them through
a cloth, & put in j ? of sene*, & let it boyle close covered till ye broth be
a quarter consumed, then slice 2 drams of ruberbe, with a litle cinamon, &
let them stand all night so infused upon ye embers close covered, and in the
morning strayne it out till you have lefte it very drye, then put into it three
spoonfull of ye sirrop of damaske roses, then make it blond warme, & let ye
patient drinke of it by 6 of the clocke in ye morninge, & fast 3 houres after
it keepeing himselfe very warme, & then he may take some broth made
with opening rootes & fruite.
331 An other receipte to purge.
Take a pinte of water, an ounce of sene, polypodium 2 &ounce, ginger one race*
let them boyle till one quarter be consumed, then let it stand all nighte, & in ye
morninge make it hot, & strayne it out, then put into it di j lb of currence*, di j lb
of suger, then boyle all till ye currence be allmost dry, then take it of, & use it.
332. To kill the canker in the mouthe.
Take a pinte of honye, of roch allome* as much as a wallnut, of white cop-
poris* halfe so muche, a quarter of a pinte of white vineger, boyle them toge-
ther untill it be in the manner of a syrrop, then take it upon a litle linte,
& laye it to the place, & it will kill it.
333. Elizabeth Boyle her receipte.
Gather the mosse of ye sweete apple tres, & it is to be gathered betweene ye
2 lady dayes* in the harvest, you are to take ye same mosse, & lay it in rose
water, 15 dayes, & every 3 dayes it must bee wronge out & shifted, & the
last time you water it, you are to take 3 graynes of muske, & grind it and
put it into the water, then take your mosse out of ye water, & wring it dry
& put it betweene two fine syves*, then take a quarter of j lb of Benjamin**, &
burne ye Beniamin in a chafeing dishe* of coales, & over the smoke of it you
are to dry your mosse, when you have done this, you may beate it softe, and
temper it woith your rose leaves to make your bags withall, you are to take
leysure in dryinge of it, it muste be a whole weeke adryinge betweene your
two sives over the smoke of your Beniamin.
334. To make plague water.
take rewe, egrimoye, wormewoode, sellendine*, browne Mayweede, Angelica,
carduus benedictus, scabyas, turmentyll*, betony, sage, balme, rosemarye,
mugworte, dragons*, pympernell, marygoldes, fetherfewe, sorrell, avens**,
Burnet, & a little roots of elacampane scraped & shred small, & as muche
more rosemarye, as of any other of the hearbes, & you must have them of
like wayghte*, then soke them in the best white wine you can get 3 dayes
& 3 nights, & after wring the hearbes from the wine, & distill ye herbes
bye themselves

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Transcribed by ALB and RMS