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Image 081, second book, folio 42a, receipts 323 to 329.

The seconde booke fo.42
Liber 2
& so after it take an other spoonefull. [?] the third spoonefull, withe
some broth as afore, & ride abroade the nexte daye after it.
323. A medicine for ye stone.
Take the oyle of scorpions, & radish leaves chopt small, then stampe them
together in a mortar, & applye it to the side, where the payne lyeth.
324. Another medicine for ye stone.
Take an hare that is strangled in an harepipe*, & dry her in an oven till
shee be dryed to powder, then beate it in a mortar, and finely serced*, drinke
thereof in some white wine, or ranishe* wine.
325. An other for the same.
Take white wine & make it very hot, & when your wine is hot, take a good
quantity of suger, & 3 spoonfull of sallet* oyle, put all these into a cup, then
take an other cup & burne them together, & drinke this drinke, & it shall
remove the stone from ye backe, & it will cause you to avoyde it.
326. A posset* to cause one to make water.
Take a pinte of ranish wine, & a pinte of ale, make a posset thereof with a
quarte of milke, & when your drinke is made, take an handfull of mallows,
an handfull of cammamyll*, an handfull of pellitorye of the wall**, & a spoone-
full of licoris beaten to powder, & a spoonefull of annisseeds beaten to powder,
& put all these into the possit drinke, & boyle all these together, & drinke of
the posset drinke as oft as you shall see cause warme.
327. To cause one to make water presentlye.
Take halfe a pinte of ranishe wine, & strayne the quantity of an hasel*
nut of raltels* sope** into it, & warme it, & drinke thereof, & you shall finde
greate ease.
328. A medicine for the gowte.
Take a quarter of j lb of rosen*, as much deares sewet* as an egge, as much
waxe as halfe an egge, boyle all these upon the fire continually stirring them
with a sticke, until they be perfectly mixed, then powre* ye same into a ba-
sin, or boll* of water, & as soone as you are able to endure it for heate, take
it out of the water & worke it before the fire, with your hands till all ye water
be wrunge out of it, & so make it in rowles* untill you need to use it, & then
it is to be spreade upon a browne paper, & lay it to the place where you
feele ye griefe, & let it lye there 24 houres, the deares sewet will be ye better
if it be clarified with rose water.
329. A receipte to strengthen ye backe.
Take a pottle* of morning milke, & boyle it in ye brisket piece of a breast of
mutton, take white comfry, knot grasse, bursa pastoris*, & wild red bryar
leaves, of each halfe an handfull, 14 wilde dayse* roots, boyle all these
together with the mutton, till half be consumed, then strayne ye milke
from the meate & the hearbes, & let ye patient drinke a good draught of it
warme in ye

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