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Image 080. second book, folio 41b, receipts 316 (contd) to 322.

The seconde booke.
white being clipt of: an handfull of buglosse* flowers, lay all these in stype**
24 howres, stopping it very close in a very close pot of brasse that there come
no ayre out, then set it on the fire, & when it begins to seeth* set on youre
limbecke*, stopping it very close with rye paste, remembring when it is
very hot to change your water, & put in colde, laying wet clothes* on the
outside & bottome of your limbecke.
317. An other way to make cynamon* water.
Take one gallon of the beste sacke* you can get, j lb of cynamon bruised** very small, &
then still* it in your lymbecke as afore*.
318. For a scalde heade*.
Take j lb of quicke silver*, ob of greene copporis*, ob of white copporis, j id of ver-
degres*, a quarter of j lb of barrowes greace*, take ye copporis & beate them in a
dishe, & kill* the quickesilver with your fasting spittle*, mingle them all together,
and anoynte the place.
319. An excellent medicine for ye backe.
Take of Valerian* a quarter of an handfull, of clary* an handfull, borrage* an
handfull, burnet* m:, red mints* di m: neppe* di m: stampe** all these together, straine
them, then take the iuice* of the hearbes, & put it into a quarte** of malmesye**,
& allwayes when you drinke it, stirre it together, & then bloudewarme take
one quarter of a pinte in ye morninge, & an other at nighte.
320. For the same.
Take j ? of lycoris*, di ? of annis*, a quarter of j ? of caliander* seeds, j ?
of suger candye, put all these together with a quarter of j ? of ginger, & a
quarter of j ? of carraway seedes, beate all these together & finely serse* them,
& then take every morninge a spoonefull of this, with a quarter of a pinte
of stronge ale, & a small quantity of sweete butter*.
321. A glister*
Take of mallowes*, beets*, violet leaves, mercurye, rew*, & pellitory of the
wall*, of each an handfull, 2 spoonefull of baye berries* bruised, as muche
commyn* seedes, fennell seeds, & annis seeds, boyle all these in a quarte*
of water till halfe or more be consumed, & in the boyling put thereunto
12 spoonefull of salet* oyle, & let it seeth wth the hearbes till it be consumed
to a wine pinte*, then strayne it & put thereunto 3 ? of corse** suger,
& minister it warme.
322. A powder for ye stone* & collicke*, to be
taken after the glister.
Take of fennell seedes, & barberries* of each a quarter of j lb, a quarter of j lb
of licoris, di ? of cynamon, mace, cloves, & pepper, of each a quarter of
j ?, fennell, & red sage dryed, of each an handfull, ye white of ye inside of
3 oystershels dryed agaynst ye fire, 3 acornes, 3 cloves of a lilly roote, 12
datestones, j ? of Spermaceti*, beate all these severallye**, & mingle them
with ye Spermaceti, being first well rubbed in your hands, take of this
powder at any time (the body being first purged with a glister) a good
spoonefull in a litle white wine, & then presently after it drinke some
warme broth, & 4 houres after it, take an other spoonefull in ye same sorte,
& so after it

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Transcribed by KW and YR