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Image 078, second book, folio 40b, receipts 305 to 311.

The seconde booke.
305. For the bloudye fluxe*.
Take a pinte of the best red wine, & seeth* it, & put thereunto cinamon, some
beaten & some whole, wth a little suger, & drinke of this morning & eveninge.
306. A proved water for the stone*.
Take a gallon of newe milke of a red cowe, & put thereunto a handfull
of pellitorye of the wall*, an handfull of wilde time, an handfull of saxifrage*,
an handfull of parsley, 2 or 3 radishe roots sliced, a quantity of ye rootes of
phylipendula*, & let them lye in the milke all ye nighte, & in the morninge
put the milke with the hearbes into a still, & distill them with a moderate fire
of charre cole* or such like : This is an approved medicine for ye stone.
307. The order to use the sayde* water.
Take a draughte of ranishe* wine, or for wante thereof white wine, & put
into it 5 spoonefull of the distilled water, with a litle suger, & nutmegs
sliced, & then drinke of it, the next day meddle not with it, but ye third daye
doe as you did afore, & so every third day for a weekes space. Probatum est*.
308. To remove superfluous hayre*.
Take the whites of 3 new layd egs well beaten, a quarter of a pounde of
unsleaked* lime, j ? of orpimente*, these being beaten to powder, mixe it wth
the whites of the egs aforesayde & put thereunto : & make ye licor as thicke
as a salve, then anoynte ye hayrye* place therewith, & it will make ye hayre
fall of, & when it hath lyen* thereon the space of 2 howres, wash ye place
with warme water, & if it goe not cleane awaye, then doe so agayne, &
without doubte it will doe it cleane awaye, after yt anoynt ye place wth the
oyle of roses, or with ye oyle of violets, & it will make ye skin smoothe & faire.
309. For ye weakenes of ye synewes*.
Take ye oyle of roses, the oyle of allmonds, of each j ?, permacittie* j ?, aqua
vitae* 2 spoonefull, melt them together with a softe fire, then stirre it till it
be colde, keepe it in a glasse, & use it warme, cheifely about your necke, if
you ad to it 3 or 4 drops of the oyle of cloves, it will be most excellente.
310. For any bruise, inflamation, any sore,
newe, or olde whatsoever.
Take red leade j lb, common oyle j lb di, seeth alltogether with a soft fire till
it waxe blacke, stirring it continuallye, then drop a drop of it upo a cold
stone, & if it rise harde when it is colde, it is well boyled, & when you
take it from the fire, put thereunto j ? di of permacittie, & then it will
be most excellente : & so keepe it for your use.
311. For a strayne in the sinewes.
Take mallowes*, brookelime*, smallage*, grounsell*, & chickeweede*, of each an
handfull, beate them together, & boyle them in boares grease, strayne them
& beate them with Aquavitae, & so anoynte ye sinews therewith.
An excellente

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Transcribed by KW and YR