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Image 077, second book, folio 40a, receipts 297 to 304.

The seconde booke fo. 40
Liber 2
297. For chafeinge behind ye eares or elswhere.
Take an old fine linnen clothe, & dip it in aqua composita*, & dry it suddenlye
agaynst the fire, & so dryed, make linte thereof, & lay it unto ye chafeing,
and it will helpe & heale the same.
298. A plaster for the backe.
Take a quantity of the best Venice turpentine*, a quantity of sallet** oyle, a
quantity of the queenes sealing waxe*, & melte the waxe upon the fire,
stirring it that it boyle not, then stirre in the sallet oyle, & ye turpentine,
& 2 grated nutmegs mingled therewith, boyle all these till it be like a salve,
then spread it upon ye rough side of a piece of leather, & so lay it to ye raignes*
of the backe : use this salve, what time you take the drinke for ye running
of the raignes.
299. For ye backe.
Take the foreparte of a breast of veale, & boyle it in a pottle* of milke
till it be verye tender, then take out ye veale, & put into ye milke knot
grasse*, neppe*, & wilde archangell*, of each an handfull, & boyle it halfe
awaye, & use a quantity of this morning & evening, with a litle suger,
or white sugar candye.
300. For the same.
Take Venice turpentine mixt with red rose water, & use a quantitye
of this every morninge fasteinge.
301. A medicine for ye backe.
Take a pinte of blacke snayles that creepe without shels, they muste be
gathered in May, & with halfe a pinte of bay salte*, put them into an
earthen pot close stopte*, & put them under the ground 9 dayes, the take
them up, strayne them, put them in a glasse, set them in the sunne, and
use this oyntmente at your neede.
302. For the same.
Take one quarte* of red wine, one good quinch*, the flowers of a pomegranet,
20 cloves, a quantity of sinamon bruised, boyle all these together to a pinte,
then strayne it & drinke it first & laste : yt is, evening & morninge.
303. For to make Mistres Evans oyle for all aches.
Take a pottle of fine sallet oyle, j ? of large mace, j ? of cloves, an handfull
of rosemarye tops, seeth* all these upon a very soft fire in the oyle, & when
the rosemary hath lost his colour, & is harde, then take it of the fire, & use
it, & ye cloves & maces will serve for other uses agayne.
304. A plaster for the same.
Take greene mellilot* & make a plaster of it on a linnen cloth, & anoynt the
a ache with the oyle abovewritten, & laye ye plaster on ye same, use this
morning & eveninge for the space of three dayes if neede bee.
For ye bloudye

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