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Image 076, second book, folio 39b, receipts 291 to 296

The seconde booke.
291. A drinke for the same.
Take of the roots of nettles 3 .m. at any time when you will, washe
them fayre & take out ye pith & then put them into a pottle* of white wine,
or good ale whether you will, & let it seeth* till it be wasted unto a quarte**,
then strayne it out fayre, & clarifye it with sugar, or hony, if you will,
& drinke thereof every morning fastinge a good draughte, & at even*,
for sixe weekes space.
292. For ye cough, & consumption* of ye lungs.
First take ye lungs of a foxe fresh killed, & pluckte* from ye windpipe &
straynes* which hang on the same, then washe the lungs in sweete wine
warme 3 or 4 times, untill they be cleane from ye bloude, then dry them in
an earthen pot in an oven after ye batch* is out : so when they are well
dryed, beate them to powder : allso take annisseeds, fennell seeds, and
maydenheare*, of ech** like much, of waight to your lungs, beate all
these to fine powder, & when they be well mingled with ye pouder of your
lungs, serse* them : take allso a like waighte of licoris* to ye same, or some-
what more being cleane scraped, bruise* it a litle, & lay it first in water
24 howres, then seeth the licoris in the same water untill halfe be con-
sumed, & so strayne ye licor from ye licoris, seeth therewith as much fine
sugar beaten small, as your receipte* amounteth unto, till it be like a
sirrop, then put into this sirrop all your powders as it cooleth, stirringe
it well together, & so keepe it for your use.
293. For one that is taken in a planet*
Take nightshade*, mercury*, fetherfew*, red sage, hemblocke*, chickeweed*
archangell*, smallage*, & houndstongue*, bruise these together, the take 2 ?
of boares grease, & seeth them together softly, & make an oyntment thereof.
294. A medicine for ye mother* in women.
Take bole Armoniacke* j ?, date stones j ?, of the under iaw** of a pig j ?
dragons bloude di j ?, beate all these into fine powder, & drinke every
morninge a spoonefull in a cawdle*, & halfe a spoonefull at nighte, till all
your powder be spente.
295. A powder for ye collicke* & stone*.
Take wilde parsley, garden parsley, wilde time, garden time, water
cresses*[*], red minte*, ashen keyes*, & grumwell*, dry them in ye sunne, &
beate them to powder, & so keepe it, & use it at your neede.
296. For ye running of ye raygnes*[*]
Take ye white of a new layd egge, & put thereunto 3 or 4 spoonefull of red
rose water, & a litle fine sugar, & stirre it together, & drinke thereof 3
or 4 mornings fastinge, or oftener as you neede.
For chafeinge

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