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Image 075, second book, folio 39a, receipts 286 (contd) to 290.

The seconde booke fo. 39
Liber 2
Take Mayweede* & drye it, & make powder thereof, drinke it, and
it will bringe up the bagge*.
287. For to digeste meate.
Take sticados*, alias French mallowes*, rose leaves, mallows, hassell*
margerom*, winter saverye*, mints*, wormewood*, sage, rosemary, bay leaves,
nutmegs, mace*, crummes* of leavened* breade, dry all these together, &
quilt* all them in a bagge, & lay them to the stomacke.
288. For ye fallinge evill*.
Take the distilled water of new gathered cherries, & powre* it into the
mouth of such as have the falling evill, as ofte as they be troubled
therewith, & it will helpe them ¶ Item the wood of misletowe* that
groweth upon the oake will helpe ye patiente, if it be hanged aboute
his necke. ¶ Allso the tree Agaricke* taken with the sirrup acetotus*
cureth the falling evill, & ye imposthumes* of the brayne.¶ Allso the
hearbe called restharrowe*, cammocke*, or petty whinne*, the barke of the
roote of the sayd hearbe provoketh urine, & breaketh ye stone*, the barke
sodden in wine & drinke hath the same vertue. ¶ Item ye same barke boiled
in water & vineger, & holden in ye mouth whilest it is warme, cureth ye
tooth ache. ¶ Item ye same barke boyled in hony & vineger beinge dronke,
prevayleth agaynst ye falling evill. ¶ Item the tender sprigs thereof
before they bring forth leaves, preserved & kept in brine & salte are
good to be eaten in sallets*, for they provoke urine, & bringe forth the
stone & gravell*
289. For ye splene.
Take lavender cotton* 6 crops*, as much suthenwood*, of Cardug benedictg*
3 or 4 crops, penyroyall*, & sweet margerome*, of each an handfull, boile
all these in a quart of good claret wine unto a pinte, then strayne it, &
drinke it with sugar warme , first & laste*. Item take ashen keyes**,
drye them & beate them to powder, & drinke it eyther with beere or ale,
or with any other drinke, it is profitable for the splene.
290. For ye cough in the lunges.
Take hoorehound* with the white blossome, gather it in May or June, you
shall finde it in fine sandy grownd that is drye, it is lightly by ye high
way side, shred the leaves & stalkes, & still it. Item take longe worte*
& still it, bake allso the yong* buds & sprouts of red oken** leaves, being
somewhat forward*: allso take ye roots of elacampane** gathered in March,
slice them & still them, then of these waters take like much, but lesse
of the elacampane water then of the others, take a pinte of all, then
put thereunto of white sugar candy di j lb, & let it be set on ye fire in
an earthen pot : & let it seeth* very softly by the space of halfe an houre
or somewhat more : & then let it coole, & dip therein a licoris* sticke
clean scraped, & dip it therein, & licke thereof, & let it goe downe
very softly or soakenly*, & you may take it with a spoone allso.
A drinke for

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