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Image 074, second book, folio 38b, receipts 278 to 286.

The seconde booke.
278. For all sicknes of the liver.
Take a gallon of the iuice* of planten**, both leafe & roote, then put it into a
new earthen pot, & put bruised* licoris** thereinto, then binde the pot close wth
a double cloth of linnen, & lay colde ashes above, then let it seeth* upon the
coales till it be halfe wasted awaye, & drinke of this a sawcer full everye
morninge lukewarme, & at eveninge colde.
279. For ye wasteinge of the liver.
Take chickeweede*, housleeke*, & liverworte*, of each like much, stamp** them
& wringe out ye iuice, & put thereunto greate oatemeale till it be standeing
thicke, then lay it as a plaster under the righte pap* of a man, & when it is
drie, make a newe, doe this with 3 plasters, then take hartestonge*, parsley, &
hysope*, of each .m. then seeth these hearbes in a pottle* of worte* unto a quarte*,
strayne it through a clothe, & put it into a pot close stopte*, & drinke it firste
& laste*, at morne colde, & at even hot, whilest you use this plaster & drinke,
drinke no hot drinkes, nor wine.
280. For the liver.
Take a pottle of running water, an handfull of parsley, as much fennell
roots, a quantity of hartestonge, liverworte, sowthistle*, cannell* & annisseeds*
j lb of figgs, seeth all these to a quarte with a dishfull of fayre barly, & a
quantity of licoris, drinke this lukewarme at morne & even.
281. A drinke to keep one moyst in ye mouth.
Take a pinte of parsley water, as much rose water, mingle them together,
& put thereto stone sugar*, drinke this morninge & eveninge.
282. For a great thirste.
Stampe the roote of lovage*, & temper it wth water, & drinke thereof 3 nightes.
283. For ye payne under ye side.
Take hillworte*, Alexander*, parslye, red fennell, smallage*, burnet*, & grumwell*
of each like muche, seeth them in white wine till halfe be wasted away, straine
them & drinke thereof in the morninge colde, at eveninge hot.
284. For akeinge in the side.
Washe your side with your owne second water*, & strike* it ever downward
use it every morninge, & within three dayes it will make your water
of another colour, & ease your side.
285. For all imposthumes*.
Take wormewood*, mintes*, cammamill*, herbe Bennet*, mallows*, charvell*,
rose flowers, commyn*, & ye crummes* of leavened* breade, stamp them all, &
seeth them in wine or pisse, & lay a plaster thereof unto your side.
286. To make ye imposthume bag* come upwarde.
Take Mayweede,

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