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Image 073, second book, folio 38a, receipts 269 to 277.

The seconde booke fo.38a
Libre 2
269. For shortenes of winde.
Take capons greace, & the iuice* of hysop**, & anoynte the breast therewth
hot, & it shall loose the stomacke well.
270. For shortenes of the breath through
the cough or stoppinge*.
Take the gum of cherrye trees, or plum trees, or gum Arabite*, & put
it in olde wine to dissolve it, & so drinke it.
271. A drinke to destroy 25 evills in man or woman
if it be dronke in May for that yeare.
Take scabias*, mugworte*, smallage*, morfus diaboli, alias ye devills bitt*,
herbe ivye* called allso ground pyune, wormewoode*, femitory*, fetherfewe*,
& spignell*, stampe** them, & seeth*** them long in whaye* made in May & put
into it ye white of 6 eggs, & drinke it 9 dayes.
272. For one that spitteth bloud by a bruise.
Take betonye*, vervayne*, milfoyle*, & sinkefoyle* of each like much, stampe
them, & strayne out the iuice, & put thereunto as much goats milke, boyle
them well, & drinke thereof 7 dayes warme, in the waxeinge of ye moone*,
& as much in ye wayne*, drinke likewise as much of the iuice of comfrey*
nine dayes with stale ale*: Item the iuice of smallage, minte, rewe*, and
betonye in goates milke will helpe.
273. For ye swellinge in the stomacke.
Take sage, mynte & wormewoode*, braye** them together small, & fry them
with sheepes tallowe, & plaster it as hot as you can, upon a linnen cloth,
& lay it to the stomacke, & when it is colde, heate it agayne with vineger,
& use it as hot as you may suffer.
274. Another plaster for ye same.
Take the crummes of sowre leavened bread*, j lb, vineger a pinte, ye pouder
of halfe a quarter of commyn* seede, boyle all these together as thicke as dough,
then make a plaster thereof, & binde it hot to ye stomacke.
275. For the heate in the stomacke.
Take lettice, endiffe*, borrage*, & violets, one handfull, dandalion di .m. 6 leaves
of hartestonge*, of bruised licoris* j ?, shred your hearbes, & seeth all together
in three quarts* of water till halfe be consumed, strayne it through a cloth,
& drinke it in the morninge colde.
276. To digeste meate well.
Take betony*, grinde it, & mingle it with honye, make pellets* of it, & eate
it after supper.
277. For one that hath no stomacke to his meate.
Seeth centorye* in cleane water, drinke thereof fasting three dayes together,
nine spoonefull at once, & it will purge the stomacke & breaste.
For all sickenes

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