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Image 072, second book, folio 37b, receipts 260 to 268.

The seconde booke
260. For ye wormes & impostumation* in the mawe*.
Take aloes cicatrina* the waighte of 4 id or 6 id, grinde it in a mortar till it
be powder, then put it into a spoone with newe milke, & so take it twoe
or three dayes together : this drinke is to be used three dayes together
before you use the plaster followeinge.
261. A plaster for the same, to be used to bedward* verye
warme, five nights together, to be layd to the
bottome of the bellye.
Take of wormewoode*, cammamyll*, penyroyall*, tansye*, of each an handfull,
let them be chopped very small, & fry them with butter, & vineger.
262. To restore a nurses milke, if shee be drye.
Take the iuice* of fennell, & the iuice of vernayne**, & mingle them together, &
give it the nurse by it selfe, or with other drinke, & it will make the
milke increase more & more.
263. For the perilous coughe.
Take the iuice of white horehounde*, mingle it with honye, seeth** it & drinke
it in the morninge colde, & in the evening hot.
264. For the drye coughe.
Take annis* with the seedes, & violets, of each like muche, beate them to
powder, & temper them with wine, according to the quantity of the powder,
seeth them well together till they waxe thicke, then put it in a boxe, &
take thereof firste & laste* a prety** quantitye at once.
265. For the chine coughe*.
Take the roote of horselene*, the roote of comfreye*, of each like muche,
grinde them small in a mortar, & seeth them in water till halfe bee
consumed, then take as much or more honye, being first boyled & skymmed*,
put all together, & make a lectuarye*, & doe it in boxes, & let ye sicke
take thereof five or sixe dayes first & laste.
266. For him that hath the yexke*.
Stampe* sage, & temper it with easell**, or strong vineger, strayne it, &
drinke it, & it shall staye*.
267. For lacke of winde, & sickenes of the coughe.
Take elacampane* rootes in mid May, drye it & pare it, & cut it small, & put
it in vineger till it be softe, then dry it & take clarifyed honye, & seeth them
in a chafer*, & eate of this first & laste, & it will destroy ye tissicke*.
268. To helpe the tissicke.
Take an handfull of centorye*, j id of licoris*, seeth them in a pottle* of well
springe water till halfe be consumed, & put thereunto the thirde parte of
clarifyed honye, then let them seeth as long as any skymme* will rise, then
take away the skymme, & when it is colde put it into a glasse, & take of it
everye morninge & eveninge till you be whole.
For shortenes

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Transcribed by KW and YR