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Image 071, second book, folio 37a, receipts 252 (contd) to 259.

The Seconde booke fo.37
Liber 2
of ale, & one spoonefull of Alexander* seede, & one spoonefull of annis*
seed, & beate them, & boyle them till they bee allmost wasted: then take
a rosecake*, & washe it over with vineger, then strawe* upon it a litle
commyn* seedes, the crummes of leavened breade, a litle powder of
cloves & mace*, & sprinkle upon it a litle malmesye*, & rose water,
then quilt it in a fine bagge as broade as will cover your stomacke,
& drye it betweene twoe hot tyles, & lay it warme unto your stomacke
& breaste when your payne is.
253. To make pottage* for your lunges.
Make your pottage wth cleane lungwort*, oatmeale, butter, & fayre water.
254. A medicine to make one sleepe.
Take the water of lettice, & womans milke, & white poppy seed, & set them
on a chafeing dish* & coales, & put thereunto the leaves of a rosecake, & boyle
them all together, & when it is boyled, lay it upon a linnen cloth, & bind
it to the temples.
255. For ye pinne & webbe* in the eyes.
Take fine white ginger, & grate it upon a whetstone*, & beate fine a litle
white copporis*, & put thereunto, & when the patient goeth to bed, blowe
some of it with a quill into his eye, & when it hath bene there a whyle,
take grownde ivye, beate it, & strayne it with womans milke, & put three
or fowre drops into ye eye, & thus doe eveninge & morninge, halfe an houre
after the useinge of the ginger & copporis.
256. For deafenes.
Take the gall* of an hare, & womans milke mingled together, & let the
patient put it into his eares, & stop them with blacke woll*, for a woman
the milke of her that nourseth* a manchilde: for a man the milke of her
that nourseth a womanchilde.
257. For the same.
Take good true civet*, & put it into the eares of them that cannot heare, for
it is proved to be good.
258. For a sore mouthe.
Take a gallon of smythes* water, & put it into a quart* of stone hony*, & set
it upon a softe fire, & skymme* it cleane, then put thereunto two handfull
of sage bruised,jlb j di of allome*, & a pinte of white vineger, & let it seeth**
together till halfe be wasted, & when it is colde, wash the mouth & other
sores therewith.
259. For the canker in the mouthe.
Take the iuice* of woodbine**, and planten**, then take a litle roch alome**
vineger, & rosewater, & washe the mouth therewith, & within fowre
washings it shall bee whole.
For ye wormes, &

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Transcribed by YR and KW