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Image 69, second book, folio 36a, receipts 239 (contd) to 246

The Seconde booke fo.36
Liber 2
Take chyneworte*, lycoris*, annyseeds*, & fayre water, seethe** them
together to a perfection, & drinke thereof at anye time, the oftener ye
better, & allso make pottage* of the hearbes.
240. For a greate heate in a mans legs or els
where, the skynne beinge broken.
Take rosewater, sallet oyle*, & the white of an egge, beate all together and
take of the froth, & anoynte ye sore therewith, then stype* a linnen cloth in the
same oyle, & laye it on the sore where ye skyn is of, & in ye greate heate take
sheeps sewet, & worke it with rosewater, til it be softe as Maye butter*,
then laye thereof upon a clothe, & laye it to ye sore, & it will skinne it, &
take awaye the heate.
241. To make a man vomit.
Take a peice of the roote of a reede, with a litle oyle olyffe*, vineger, and
water, seeth all these together, & drinke thereof.
242. Agaynst ye stingeing & biteinge of an adder.
Take radishe rootes, stamp* them & wash ye woundes with ye iuice** thereof,
& lay ye bruised rootes unto ye wounde, & dresse it twise a daye.
243. For ye canker* within the bodye.
Take dragons*, cut them, & drye them, & make powder of them, & then put
them in fayre water one night, & then put out ye water, & seeth it in white
wine, & drinke it warme, & you shalbe whole wth thrise using the same:
Item take a quarte* of good milke, j ? of danke seede* well beaten to pouder,
mingle them well together, & seeth them untill 3 parts be wasted, & drinke
thereof lukewarme 6 spoonefulls at once, first & laste*.
244. A pouder for the canker.
Take copporis*, roch allome*, sandimar*, vergres*, salarmoniacke*, beate them
all together into powder, & put the powder into a vessell with maslme*, and
set it on a very softe fire till it be gloweinge hot, then let it coole, & make
powder thereof, & it will destroy the canker.
245. Agaynst the canker.
Take goates dunge well brayed*, the gall of a bull or an oxe, & a litle honye,
beate them all together, & this helpeth being layd to the sore.
246. For ye canker in a womans paps*
Take the fenn* or turde of a white goose, the iuice of the iuice of sellendine*
well brayed together, & laye it to the canker, & it will kill the canker, &
heale the sore.
To bringe

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