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Image 067, second book, folio 35a, receipts 228 (contd) to 232.

The Seconde booke fo.35
Liber 2
Take fetherfew*, matfellon*, mugworte*, solcicle*, scabias*, & mathyes*
wash them, & stampe* them, & temper them with stale ale**, & give ye sicke
to drinke 6 spoonefull at once, & if he have it betweene times, it will
destroye ye corruption, & helpe him that hath it.
229. For the same
Take an onyon, & cut him overwharte*, then make a litle hole in both peices
which you shall fill with fine treacle*, then set the peices together agayne, &
wrap them in a wet linnen clothe, & put it so to roste* in the embers, & when
it is rosted enoughe, presse out the iuice* of it, & give ye patient to drinke
thereof a spoonefull, & immediately he shall feele himselfe better, and
shall without fayle be healed.
230. For ye same
Take a pynte of good white wine, & boyle a couple of great onions therein
till they be softe, then strayne them with the wine, & then put thereunto
a quarter of a pynte of sallet oyle*, & an ownce of good treacle, & give ye
patient thereof to drinke.
231. To drawe the pestilent* sore from
one place to another.
Take the fish of an oyster, & bind it away from the sore, & ye sore will
gather to it: In the plague time, eate in the morning of ye receipte* of nine
chives* of saffron*, & pellits* made on this fashion: take of aleone* palicon*,
3 ? of myrhe*, terra sigillata*, & bole armoniacke*, 2 ? of camphire* or muske*,
j ? of saffron, j ? of ruberbe*, of saunders*, & spikenarde* like much, beat
all in mortar, & temper it with ye iuice of femitorye*, & take 8 of these
pellits fastinge as bigge as a pease*, rowle** them in the powder of licoris***,
& sup them downe with good bastarde*, keep fire in your chamber, travell*
till you sweate, purge well of evill humors* with lettinge of bloude.
232. A principall medicine for a skalding or
a burning though it be with gunpouder.
Take rape oyle such as hath not bene occupied* before, & boares greace as
much as will fill a dishe, 2 or 3 spoonefull of running water, & beate them
together with a spoone, it will be 3 howres a beateinge, ere it be white,
& the first time that the patient must be dressed after ye burning, you must
put into the medicine more rape oyle then boares greace, bycause yt then ye
burninge is more fervente, for ye oyle will kill the heate, & the boares
greace will heale it, & after you have dressed the patient divers* times, if
the flesh be ranke or prompte, or it have any deade flesh in it, take red
alome*, & burne it upon a stone, & then make powder thereof, & strawe** it
upon the sore, & lay a plaster upon it as above written, but when you take
of the plaster, it will not come of easily without payne to ye patiente, and
therefore take luke warme water, & a fine linnen clothe, & wet it in the
same water, & moyste the plaster with the same water, & after ye plaster
is of: take ye

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