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Image 066, second book, folio 34b, receipts 221 (contd) to 228.

The seconde booke
is good for deepe woundes, if they be hurts by knife, or dagger, or ar-
rowe, with a good plaster layd upon it.
222. To make pulverem graecum*.
Take arkenet, or alkernet*, blacke pepper or unsleked* lime, of each like
much, a third part of hony clarified, a fourth parte of vineger, beate the
dry matters to powder, & make paste thereof with the vineger, then make
a cake, & lay it upon an hot tile stone, & set it upon the fire, so that it burne
not, but that you may make powder of it, this is good for ye bloudy fluxe*,
& for ye canker*, to staunch bloud wheresoever it be, & for many other evils.
223. To make oleum ciriacum*.
Bruise* mallowes a litle, & seeth** them a litle in common oyle, if you will
make an oyntement thereof, put thereunto a third parte of sheepes
tallowe*, & strayne it, & use it.
224. To make a rawe treate* that healeth well.
Take the iuice* of smallage**, morrell**, wayebroade**, ye best honye, ye white
of an egge by even portions, mingle them together, & put thereuntoe
wheate flower*, & make it thicke, & being rawe, lay it to the wounde.
225. Unguentum nervale* for dry sinewes.
Take water cresses*, senchon*, chickeweede*, the leaves of laurell*, sage,
lavender, hysop*, planten*, daysies, mallowes*, smallage*,stanmarche*, wilde
madder*, & thornehove*, of each like much, bray** them together in a mortar,
& put it in a fayre panne of earthe*, then put thereunto oyle olliffe**, boares
greace, deare sewet*, & May butter**, & let all lye together 9 dayes, then after
that boyle all together in a brasse panne, & wring it well through a clothe, &
then fleete* of the fat above, & cast away the water underneath, & put
the fat agayne in a panne, & boyle it agayne, & strayne it through a cloth,
& then put it into a cleane pot, & looke that you stirre it well allwayes
when you dresse it for burninge, & so you must use all other oyntments.
226. To make unguentum geneste* for ye akeing
of ye flesh, bones, and splene.
Take ye blossomes of broome*, cammamyll*, wallworte*, planten*, smallage*,
madder*, & loveage*, by even portions, bray them alltogether in a mortar, &
take fresh butter, & try* it, & cleane sheeps tallow, & let them ly alltogether
9 dayes, then boyle it in a panne, & wring it through a cloth, & put it in boxes.
227. To make unguentum veni mecum* for scabs,
morphews*, & such like.
Take borrage*, femytorye*, cellendine*, the leaves of elacampane*, scabeas*,
the red docke*, & veni mecum, of each like portions, & put thereunto the
leaves & roots of the cloote*, braye them together in a mortar, & let them
lye 9 dayes, then boyle it up, & put it in boxes.
228. A drinke for the pestilence*.
Take fetherfewe*

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Transcribed by KW and YR