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Image 064, second book, folio 33b, receipts 210 (contd) to 214

The seconde book
take ye iuice* of violets, or ye flowers with a good quantity of sugar, min-
gle them well together, & put them in a glasse, & stop it close, & set
it in the sunne, then take the flory* thereof, & keepe it to your use.
211. Laxatives for one yt is costive*.
Take mallowes*, mercurye, borrage*, & violets, seeth** them with a litle
porke, make pottage*, eate them, & drinke white wine, or new ale, & it
will helpe: Item take ye roote of polipodium* that groweth upon ye oake,
washe it & stype* it in white wine all nighte, & on ye morrowe strayne
it & drinke it: Item take a nutshell, & fyll it with butter, & bind it to
the navell all nighte, & you shalbe purged at the full: Item take a
greate onyon, core it & fill it with May butter*, & put it in a wette
cloute*, & seeth it in hot embers, till ye onyon be tender, then lay it to ye
navell to bedward* warme, & cover it with some shell or dishe, & it will
212. A suppositorye.
Seeth hony & salte together in a litle panne upon the coales, let it not
boyle too faste, for then it will looke blacke, when it hath boyled enoughe,
let a drop fall upon a colde place, when it is colde, if it be hard enoughe,
take it from the fire, & make small long rowles* 2 or 3 inches long, roule*
them betweene your hands or upon a cleane trecher*, put a litle butter
aboute it, that it may enter ye easier into your fundamente*, & keepe it
in your fundament so long as you can, though it provoke you muche.
213. For to stoppe ye fluxe*
Take halfe a pynte of barstarde*, put into it the powder of sandragon*,
& the powder of cammamyll*, drinke oft** thereof & it will helpe, if you
shall live: Item water of planten* is good for ye fluxe of ye hot dropsie*:
allso good treacle* eaten helpeth very muche: allso old cheese sodden* in wa-
ter, dryed agayne & then eaten: allso the same water dronke helpethe
the fluxe: allso ye water of oaken leaves stylled* & dronke, will helpe: Item
a good quantity of rosemarye cut & sodden in vineger, & made plasterwise,
& layde unto the wombe will helpe: Item a posset* with a spoonefull of
bruised alome*, & drinke the whaye** thereof will helpe.
214. To stoppe ye bloudye fluxe.
Make a cake of wheate flower, & the iuice of yarrowe*, & waybroad*,
baked upon the hearthe, & eaten as hot as may bee, will helpe within
3 or fowre dayes: Item ye powder of acornes dronke with wine or ale: Item
take a close stoole*, & burne j ?; of frankencense at 4 sundry times one
after another, upon an hot gloweing tile stone, sit close that ye smoke may
goe into your fundamente, renue* ye tiles heate at everye time, after that
make a fire with 3 or 4 charre coales, & eate of an hot harth cake, and
drinke red wine & none other drinke, doe this 3 dayes: If it be the bloudy
fluxe, drinke 3 dayes j id of the seedes of yarde cresses*, & as much hencresses*
seede with red wine, each day as much seede as is afore named, & if it
oŒo bee cureable, it will helpe. oŒo* Allso drinke red wine with cresses, &
the crops* of

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Transcribed by KW and YR