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Image 062, second book, folio 32b, receipts 195 to 202

The seconde booke
195. To kill kyrnells*
Take sulphur vine*, wheate branne, & turpentine, grynde them well
together, & lay them to the kyrnells.
196. For womens kyrnells , & fervent wheals*.
Take coryander, stampe* it & wringe out ye iuice**, mingle it wth beane meale,
& anoynte them therewithe, & it will destroy them.
197. For wartes.
Take sorrel de boyse*, washe it & bynde it in worteleaves*, rost** it a while
in the embers, then take it out, stampe it, & put thereunto a litle powder
of roch allome*, & a litle vineger, & keepe it in a boxe while you do occupy**
it: allso mingle orpiment* with vineger, & plaster it aboute ye warte.
198. To knowe whether ye gowte* be hot* or colde*.
Put vineger & rye meale together, & lay it in ye gowte, & if it be ye hot
gowte, it will grieve him sore: if it be ye cold gowte it will grieve him
nothinge at all.
199. For the hot gowte.
Anoynte the gowte, with the oyle of henbayne*, which oyle muste lye a pu-
trifyinge marveoluslye* all a whole yeare, in ye earth in pots, & so to be fully
wroughte in his owne kynde*: this oyle is allso good for ye mygryme* in ye
heade, allso take the marrowe of an horse leg, & myngle it wth ote* flower**
over the fire, & layd upon shornewooll* is good for ye hot gowte.
200. For ye colde gowte.
Frye pellitorye of Spayne*, & oyle together, & plaster it to ye leg: allso
seeth* cowslyps, sage, lavender, red nettles, & primeroses in water, and
wash ye place with yt water, & it will ease for that time.
201. For all manner of gowtes.
Take smallage*, hearbe Bennet*, planten*, orpine*, & chyvers*: stamp them, &
temper them with milke, & let it stande tyll it be turned lyke whaye*:
& when you will make the plaster powre out a quantity into a skillette,
then stampe oatemeall small, & put it into ye licor tyll it be thicke, then
laye it to as hot as you may: allso anoynte the gowte with the oyle of
wormewoode* myxte with fine Aquavitae* agaynste ye fire. Item shred
mallowes* very small, & seeth them with mylke & oatemeale tyll it be as
thicke as pappe, & lay it to the gowte: allso flos unguentorum* a plaster
thereof is good for ye same: allso oatemeale bruised* & dryed, rose leaves
sod* in ye mylke of one coloured cowe is good for the same,
202. Of festred gowtes*.
Of festers some be hot, & some be colde.
The colde fester hath narrowe holes: & is lesse to be dreaded.
The hot fester hath large holes, & is more perilous.
For ye festred

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