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Image 059, second book, folio 31a, receipts 166 to 174.

The seconde booke fo.31a
Liber 2
166. For them that cannot pisse.
Seeth* the heades of wilde garlyke in oyle, plaster it upon the sore place,
& it will helpe.
167. For ye swelling of of the yarde*
Stampe* leeks & fry them in boares greace, & make a plaster rounde
aboute the yarde.
168. For ye swelling of the cods*.
Temper beane meale & vineger together, make a plaster thereof, & let it
come neare no fire, if you have greene beanes, stampe them with hony,
& make a plaster & lay it to ye cods: allso take the powder of commyn*, bar-
ly meale, & hony, seeth them together, make a plaster, & bind it about ye cods.
169. For scalding* with a common woman.
Draw out ye skinne of your yarde, & holde it fast together, & make water
into it, & hold it still a while, then move the water up & downe betweene ye
skinne & the yarde, & wash it thus twyse or thrise when you make water,
and it shall be whole within fowre dayes.
170. For burninge ex coitu*,
Wash your members with womans milke, or with the milke of a cowe of
one colour luke warme, & it will helpe both man & woman.
171. For ye scalding of ye yard, called ye apeganle*
Burne fayre linnen cloth, & make powder thereof, & put of the pouder
into ye yard, & this healeth any scalded or sore yarde.
172. For the emraldes*.
Dry the shells of mustles upon the hearthe, beate them to powder, & put
thereunto a litle salte, & blacke sope*, & beate them all together, then lay it
upon a gray paper like a plaster, & lay it to ye emralds, & this will heale it
easilye: allso annisseeds burnte in an earthen pot, & mingled with honye, &
layd plasterwise thereunto will helpe it:Item chafe* the crops of wormewood*
in your hands, & lay it thereunto & it helpeth: if ye emralds have no great
paps*, stampe well cresses*, & stewe them in a pot without water, & make
plasters to the rage.
173 If ye paps of ye emralds be greate.
Take mirrhe* & incense like muche, & cast them upon hot litle stones under
a close stoole*, & sit over them, then binde a red silke thread aboute them,by ye
roots of them, & cut them of boldlye, then stampe an handfull of wormewood,
& fry it with oyle ollife*, & lay a plaster thereof to it as hot as you can suffer
it, on the morrow use your seege stoole* & powder, & within three days you
shalbe whole: Item frankencense, & the pareing of an horse hoofe burnt
(it is good for ye same) letting ye smoke thereof to ascend into your bodye under
a close stoole.
174. For poyson.
Take id waighte of the herbe symphoine*, temper it with womans water, &
drinke it: Item take wallnut barke, pare away ye uttermost rine*, beate
it to powder, & laye it in ale or water all nighte, on the morrowe strayne
it & drinke it fasteinge.
For ye swellinge

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